1×1 of Madrid: Courtois, Valverde and Ramos, desert titans

first_imgVALVERDE: Attached to the right wing by Zidane’s tactical mandate, he was still the best in Madrid in the first half hour. It shattered Lodi. He had the best chance in 67 ’to head a Jovic center at pleasure but the shot, which is not his thing, was horrific. His grand finale ended when he had to hit Morata in 118 ’to avoid the rojiblanco goal. A fair red.KROOS: Very uncomfortable and barely present in the actions with the ball stopped. Even the extension did not find a crack through which to cast a distant shot. In 102 ‘he left Vinicius.MODRIC: He was the first to seriously test Oblak’s gloves. The red was played with a strong iron and at the wrong time to Trippier’s ankle. Less bright than against Valencia, but he gave a lesson of pundonor with 34 years.ISCO: He could barely take advantage of his ability between the lines because Madrid could not play between the lines. It was the sacrifice of Zidane, in the 60 ’, to thin the number of midfielders.JOVIC: Like the semifinal against Valencia, he was a castaway. Neither his companions sought him nor the Serbian knew how to find life for himself. But the second part was another movie. Suddenly, in two actions in five minutes, it became a fire that the Atleti did not know how to contain … until it died out on its own. Madrid has a problem in the role of substitute for Benzema.RODRYGO: Zizou used him to open the field and spark a fierce white attack. It was noticed and on his right was the Super Cup in 92 ’but the right was flat and focused on more power. He showed threw asking for a penalty and nailed it through the squad.MARIANO: From fallow footballer throughout the season to Zidane’s surprise element. He left in 82 ’to be a torment. He was and even had a header in the 87 ’he looked for but did not finish finding the Oblak squad. In the second part of the extension he threatened again with the same method and then a rejection forced the Slovenian goalkeeper to show off. The Hispanic-Dominican was a storm in the desert.VINICIUS: Zidane gave way thinking about the second part of the extension, but it was inconsequential. Madrid takes the Super Cup of Yeda appealing this time not to the symphony of the semifinal football against Valencia, in the Arabian derby he resorted to the scimitar and resilience. Off Isco and Kroos, but clinging to Courtois, that inexhaustible source of gasoline that is Valverde and Rodrygo’s insolence, Ramos once again stabbed a dagger into an athletic heart. This time, on penalty, the last.COURTOIS: Follow sweet and play against Atlético does not provoke sentimentality. He did not sting in the trap of Morata, who dropped into one hand at a time, and in the second half he won the game of the athletic striker again with a mitten on a shot near the corner, the best red and white chance. He also appeared in extra time, especially with an incredible hand of pure reflections in a poisoned rejection of Mendy that went inside … In the batch, it was the wall of Jeddah. First to Thomas.CARVAJAL: More pending not to miss anything back, especially after the entrance of Vitolo. He missed the move that cost Valverde the red and took the yellow for engaging in an argument with Savic. Of course, he took responsibility for the first penalty and converted it.VARANE: Much of the fight against Morata fell behind his partner. There was no opportunity to take advantage of the recent success of the French ball.RAMOS: It started with a clamorous failure. In the 13th minute he wanted to play a ball in the white area and left the free ball to Joao Felix, who luckily for Madrid fired out. But history had reserved another hole for him to put his name: this time not head first in the minute ‘Ninety and Ramos’, it was a penalty. With pause, with care, a penalty that was a dagger and gave the Super Cup to Madrid.MENDY: One of his best games, if not the best, as a Real Madrid player. He had his best play in a good dribble trippier stuck to the lime near the break. But the British still looks for him. Much more loose in attack (and accurate) than usual. He saw the yellow one by a blow to Morata.CASEMIRO: He was the only one who posed a threat to a stopped ball, with a very good header on the edge of the break that went over the Oblak crossbar by millimeters.last_img

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