Deadly Car Bomb Strikes Hotel in North Sinai

first_imgTo Egypt now where an affiliate of the Islamic state has claimed responsibility for a bombing that killed four people in a hotel in the North Sinai capital al-Arish on Tuesday.A car bomb exploded outside the hotel housing election judges, killing at least four people and injuring 17 The blasts came a day after the second round of a parliamentary election closed.¡¡A suicide bomber tried to drive a car bomb into the hotel before security forces opened fire on him, causing the car to explode.The bomber and three others, two policemen and a judge, were killed. Two judges, seven policemen and five hotel staff were injured, authorities added. State television and security sources first said a car bomb exploded then a second blast hit the area about ten minutes later.last_img

OA Boys Soccer

first_imgCongratulations to Coach Ken Getz and the Oldenburg Academy Boys Soccer Team.  For the second straight year they are regional champions in 1A soccer.  Last week they defeated Indianapolis Lutheran 5-1 in their opening match, and then they defeated Centerville 4-2 for the championship.  This moves the Twisters record to 16-3-1 for this year.This weekend they will travel to Floyd Central High School to face the same Providence team that knocked them out of the semi-state last year.  The two schools met earlier this year with Providence winning 1-0.  This should be quite a match on Saturday on a neutral field for a chance to compete in the state finals.Good luck to the Twisters in their quest for a semi-state title!last_img

Clear Lake police officers recognized for meritorious service (VIDEO)

first_imgCLEAR LAKE — The City of Clear Lake last night handed out the first set of the Police Chief’s Commendation Service Awards. Police Chief Pete Roth says the award program was established in 2018 to give out commendations to those officers nominated for meritorious service to the department and city. “This has been a very long project. The officers who are going to be receiving commendations tonight will get a certificate describing what exactly occurred. They will also get a Clear Lake Police coin that on the back is their badge number and the date that they received their commendation. So we’re very excited to do this.”Among those honored:== Detective Mike O’Keefe,  a commendation for his exceptional efforts and commitment in investigating a large financial crime case they started 2016 and concluded in 2017. A positive conclusion for the victim was a direct result of his dedication, experience and ability to coordinate with other law enforcement agencies on the investigation.== Officer Jerry Schade was awarded a commendation for his immediate and extraordinary action in performing CPR on unresponsive infant on June 29, 2018 in Clear Lake Iowa. Officer Schade performed in a professional manner while placing himself at risk while performing CPR on the infant.”== Officers Dean Anderson and Brandon Trapp were honored for their assistance with an accident for the immediate and extraordinary actions in performing CPR on a motor vehicle driver who was involved in a crash on April 25 2017 in Clear Lake. The officers efforts are credited directly with saving the driver’s life.== Trapp was given a second award for his dedication and efforts in reestablishing the DARE program in the Clear Lake and GHV school districts. Officer Trapp’s commitment to keeping students drug and violence free is worthy of a special recognition.”The four were honored at the start of last night’s City Council meeting. Below is a video of last night’s presentation.last_img read more

Prima donna

first_imgDuring the last several days the Steelers have been holding OTAs over at the south side. One of the purposes, if not the prime purpose of the get-together is to work out the body, the mind and to rekindle the “fireplace” of competition. The “field general” of the Steelers, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, will not be in attendance, at least at this current session of organized team activities. Okay, so these activities are voluntary and he doesn’t have to be there. But make no mistake, his being there in the war room, making the rounds, shaking the hands of his soldiers and giving them a pre-minicamp, pre-training camp, preseason pat on the back, could be nothing but a positive for the team.Organized team activities are great for the team, if not that good for the individual. Last year, the All-Pro safety for the Steelers, Troy Polamalu, skipped the OTAs to allegedly work out on his own. However, Polamalu missed a slew of games and was more of a cheerleader than a competitor for the 2009 season. From 2006-2009, the star safety has missed 19 games, while competing in 45. That means in four seasons he has missed three games more than the equivalent of a 16-game season. During the 19 games that he missed I am reasonably sure that his injuries were legitimate. There was also a void left in the Steelers defensive backfield that was difficult, if not impossible, to fill as a result of his absence.But in the same token, during his absence from the field of play, did his trademark mane fly around just as vigorously off the gridiron when he made numerous trips to the local ATM? He continued to collect a paycheck even though the Steelers defensive backfield was infected and affected by his absence. Oh, everyone says that Polamalu is injured more frequently because of his tenacity and reckless style of play. I agree with that assessment of his performances but someone has to pull him aside and whisper in his ear that if making one play causes him to forego the remainder of the season that it is okay to allow a few of his DB mates to pull their weight and make a few plays, too. It is impossible to be a prima donna from the sidelines. The 2009 season should be a lesson for Pittsburgh. Depth, depth, and more depth at every position is the only way that the Pittsburgh franchise will restore and maintain the winning tradition to which they are accustomed. There had better be a few players on the sideline that are able to put their fingers in “the dikes of injuries” if the Steelers are going to exit the funk of the 2009 season.Injuries combined with personal improprieties will oftentimes be the death knell for the cohesive sprit and the competitive fire of any team, in any sport. If one or a selected group of players on any team is perceived to be of considerably more value than the remainder of their peers on that team, that is where the chasm of division often begins. When players who are well paid and sometimes overpaid perform and are allowed to perform under different standards than their colleagues, the dividing line can become a demilitarized zone in the clubhouse or locker room. How can overpriced and overpaid athletes be allowed to attend to every minor scrape and wound as if it is life threatening by being allotted all of the recuperation time that they need while all others are expected to suit up and perform, regardless of the circumstances?Also, when negative behavior of certain athletes is tolerated more by some than others because of their value, then that too can be a morale killer.Take the case of another Pittsburgh star player, wide receiver Santonio Holmes. According to news services, “Holmes, who is facing a civil lawsuit in Florida in which a woman accuses him of throwing a drink at her, says he didn’t do anything and expects the matter to be dealt with quickly.” “[Holmes] proceeded to inform the plaintiff that he was an NFL football player and that he could not face criminal charges. Subsequently, [Holmes] offered to give the plaintiff money because he was an NFL star and could not get into trouble,” the complaint alleges, according to the report. I don’t care who you are, whether you are charged with an offense or not. No one has the right to throw a drink in anyone’s face, period.That is one of the things that concerns me. Some of these fellows think that money can cure all ills. Well ya big dummies, if that was so all the people with loot would be disease free and only us “po” folks would be destined to end up on the slab of the local undertaker. However in many cases, instead of wealth being a facilitatory of healing, newfound wealth can cause normal personalities to become distorted and perverted. Egos may become super-inflated, causing irreparable damage to an individual and all those around him in his public or private life. When athletes glance around the locker room as they work hard during the beginning phases of the upcoming campaign, there should not be question marks as to who may be attending and who isn’t. During a war, the soldier who volunteers puts the welfare of his fellow soldier on him. With any voluntary team workouts, coming together on your own to be with your teammates may speak volumes about who you are as an athlete and a person.(Aubrey Bruce can be reached at: or 412-378-9834.) OTAs otherwise known as organized team activities. NFL teams have these let’s get acquainted events to start the competitive engines in low gear.last_img read more

Sea Bright Officials Secure In Use Of Metered Parking Fees

first_imgBy Liz SheehanSEA BRIGHT – Could a court decision last month that ordered Belmar to place funds from increased beachfront parking fees into the account that is utilized only for beach operations have any impact on Sea Bright’s new metered parking revenues?Kenneth Pringle, who was the mayor of Belmar until 2010, recently argued in a suit against the town that Belmar beachgoers were not treated fairly because the town was using the fees from beachfront parking for other uses than the operation of the beachfront, such as projects that did not benefit them.Superior Court Judge Katie Gummer ruled that funds from the parking fees that had been slated for use for projects not related to the beachfront instead be put back into the beachfront account.In 1989, the New Jersey Supreme Court said the towns on the Jersey shore could not use beach revenue to lower municipal taxes.Councilman Charles Rooney said that because the parking in the Sea Bright lots is metered between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., it does not fall in the same category as Belmar, since it covers more than beach parking.He said the council had only wanted to have paid parking from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. but the Sea Bright Business Association objected and said the burden of possible loss of customers from paid parking was being unfairly placed on the merchants and requested the time be extended to 9 p.m. to share it with other businesses in the town. The attorney for the Sea Bright Business Association, Rooney said, told the town that if the hours were not changed until 9 p.m., it would face a lawsuit. Rooney said that changing the metered parking to 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. beyond beach parking hours “gets us out of that situation.” “They actually did us a favor,” Rooney said.“We would’ve probably found out about it eventually,” he said, referring to constraint on using beach parking fees for uses other than the beach facility as cited in the Belmar case.Rooney was a strong supporter of the new paid parking system and at council meetings, stressed how the income from it would help pay for the $5.7 million bond issue that voters approved last month to rebuild facilities lost in Super Storm Sandy by lowering the burden of paying for the bonds on taxpayers.Acting Borough Administrator Joseph Verruni said Tuesday that the 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. hours of metered parking make it general parking. He said that all the costs of installing and operating the metered parking system were paid out of the general funds of the borough, not the beach facility funds.The paid parking system in the town extends from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. The kiosks to pay for the parking have been removed for storage.last_img read more

KIJHL grows to 20 teams

first_imgThe Nelson Daily SportsThe Kootenay International Junior Hockey League is getting a little bigger.The league accepted bids by Chase and Summerland at the recent KIJHL meetings.Chase saw its franchise move to Rutland during the summer and applied to the league board for the opportunity to make a return for next season.Summerland also made a bid, but needs B.C. Hockey approval. Both teams will join the Okanagan/Shuswap Conference, bringing the number of teams to 10 and the league to 20.Also at Sunday’s meeting, League governors honoured Doug Birks by re-naming the Okanagan/Shuswap Conference, Shuswap Division to Okanagan/Shuswap Conference Doug Birks Division. Doug Birks passed away this past summer. His death was a major loss to his family, his friends, and the Sicamous hockey community. Birks was a founding member of the Sicamous Eagles Junior Hockey Club along with Wayne March in 1994, and was very proud of the young men who played for the Eagles and went on to become great ambassadors for the community of Sicamous, not only in hockey, but in life.sports@thenelsondaily.comlast_img read more