GFF eager to get back into action – Forde

first_img… Federation to set up Working Group to initiate smooth post-COVID-19 transitionWAYNE Forde, president of Guyana Football Federation (GFF), said his executive committee is eager to see the sport return to the playing field.With the aim of having a seamless transition post-COVID-19, GFF is putting together a Working Group to formulate plans for the eventual return of on-field action.“We are all very eager to get back to the playing of football but it is absolutely important that we focus on the real reason the entire world has paused over these few months – and that reason is to minimise the loss of human life to COVID-19,” Forde said in a statement yesterday.Forde, who is serving his second and final term at the helm of the world’s most-played sport in Guyana, noted that he’s “always mindful of the signals I send out to the fraternity during these difficult time. Yes, football is important but not as important as the precious gift of life.”“As it relates to our football resumption plans, we have been creating a playbook with different scenarios for the restart of organised football nationally,” the GFF boss noted.According to Forde, developing a National Senior Men’s tournament that can be completed in 2020, playing the GFF Super-16 Cup as well as seeing an Intra-Association women’s tournament will be part of the agenda.The GFF also plans to have short, compact Intra-Association, U-15, U-17 & U-20 Boys, either at the Association level or as part of the Inter-academy competition programme.Affixing dates to the plan is the biggest challenge for the GFF, taking into account the unpredictable shifting in the cases of COVID-19, as Forde related that they’re “essentially making educated guesses as to when the return to some semblance of normal life will occur.”Meanwhile, general secretary of the federation, Ian Alves, said plans are at an infancy stage; they will be tailored to suit the situation that currently exists and updated along the way.Competitive football in Guyana is currently at a halt, with all on-field action suspended until further notice.Ever since the known cases of the coronavirus emerged in Guyana, the federation has been proactive in taking measures to guard against the spread, the foremost decision being the reduction of operations at the Secretariat to a minimal.Forde said that while the fraternity is disappointed that no football is being played; stakeholders understand the need to exercise caution and adhere to the stipulated guidelines issued by health authorities.Any decision on when it is safe for football to resume would be done in consultation with the relevant stakeholders.last_img read more