Adam Beach speaks to staff and students at Northern Lights College

first_imgBeach has been taking part in a number of speaking engagements as of late and the point he is trying to get across to younger people is to stay in pursuit of their given passions.“What I’m trying to promote is dreams. I’m trying to promote to challenge yourself to accomplish whatever that passion is. A lot of my friends from high school regret quitting acting to pursue a career their parents told them to do. When I see them they are so dismissed about leaving because I wasn’t the greatest actor when I started but they were amazing and if you think I’m amazing what could they have been been?”He adds when he was younger he didn’t know how he was going to reach his goal but the bottom line was to set one and to keep working hard to get to his desired point.- Advertisement -“I knew when I was 14 that I was out of here. When? I don’t know. How? I do not know but I’ll tell you what, I was going to Hollywood and nobody was going to stop me. Everybody would laugh when I was on stage but I didn’t see any of the laughter. I saw it as an appreciation and a congratulations for doing what you do because we can’t do it.”Beach currently has his attention focused on bringing movie theatres to small northern communities that will play big time movies at the same time they are released in major cities. His goal with the endeavour is not only to provide entertainment in the venture to to inspire people to get involved with film and acting.last_img read more