Swallowing the Gilt: Woot-like Shopping Empire to Save Print Media?

first_imgRelated Posts dana oshiro In this climate of fiscal responsibility, it makes sense that luxury publications may have fallen by the wayside. While subscription sales for Conde Nast’s Traveller may have been lucrative in the past, it’s rare to find them outside doctors offices and treadmills. In an effort to kickstart dwindling subscription sales, Conde Nast Traveller is partnering with web shopping experience Gilt Groupe on the site’s Jetsetter service. Best known for it’s Woot-like approach to high-end fashion, Gilt has maintained steady revenue throughout the economic downturn. The site is invite-only and consumers keep a constant watch on Fendi, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler deals at up to 70% off the regular retail price. As of this morning Gilt launched its latest spin off site, Gilt Man. The catch with Gilt, Gilt Fuse and Gilt Man is that consumers only have one day to buy items. Jetsetter travel hunters have a slightly longer sale time, but certainly no more than a week. Naturally, with this sense of urgency, users stay constantly connected to the sales via sms, email, a desktop application and the recently launched iPhone app. While many businesses complain that consumers have tightened their purse strings, Gilt is proof that while they’ve become more thrifty, they haven’t stopped purchasing all together. Rumor has it that it’s not uncommon for Gilt to earn $1 million dollars in a single sales day. With Jetsetter, Gilt users get limited-time deals on travel, in addition to editorial “curation” from Travellers’ well-respected staff. Meanwhile, by leveraging Gilt’s huge membership base and constant sales updates, Conde Nast will convert some of those uber connected bargain hunters into subscribers. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Tags:#start#startups center_img Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

These Simple, Performance-Driven Music Videos Do Songs Real Justice

first_imgStraightforward music video concepts can go a long way. These lean stunners will spark some low-budget, crew-optional ideas.Sky Ferreira’s “Everything Is Embarrassing” by Grant SingerShot in one day — on no budget — at the urgent request of Capitol Records, “Everything Is Embarrassing” is a straightforward, mostly outdoor performance. Los Angeles’s natural light glows to its maximum in the gaze of director Grant Singer, who took bedroom pop songstress Sky Ferreira out alone (without a crew) to the rooftop of the Capitol Records building, to a playground, and for a ride on the L.A. metro. The result is a fireworks show of Hollywood-starlet vulnerability in severe high contrast.“Everything Is Embarrassing” would introduce Ferreira’s new aesthetic to the world after reaching the Billboard dance charts as a teenager. Due to the short turnaround, Singer threw out an original plan to include a love interest in the video, as he told IMVDb. Ferreira didn’t need one. The focus on her delivery helped facilitate a breakout moment in her career. “Everything Is Embarrassing” dropped on October 1, 2012, about a month after the song had been released online. Two weeks later, upon the Ghost EP’s release, “Everything Is Embarrassing” was deemed “one of the year’s unlikely pop gems” via critic Jon Caramanica of The New York Times. Singer and Ferreira were already a team — he’d made other videos for her and cast her in his short IRL — and they continue working together.Solange’s “Losing You” by Melina MatsoukasEven if you don’t have the funds for an overseas (or out-of-state) trip, a deep neighborhood study (as a music video) can encourage you to flex two modes of filmmaking at once. Solange and her friend director Melina Matsoukas, took a documentary sensibility to Cape Town, South Africa, for “Losing You.” The singer told Pitchfork that the concept wasn’t firm when they decided on a location, only the desire to honor their adventures and an artful, fashionable group called the Le Sape Society (Society of Ambiance-Makers and Elegant People).A book by Daniele Tamagni called Gentleman of Bacongo served as their compass. And the author advised. Audiences’ horizons were broadened, as they’ve been with other Solange joints like “I Decided,” which layer historical and civil rights references with her charming, high-toned pop music. Operations at a tailor’s shop, mural art on facades of buildings, and explorations down townie roads make a joyful recording of Cape Town and complicate the bittersweet “Losing You” to gorgeous ends.Now, Now’s “Yours” by Alexa San-RomanNow, Now‘s Brad Hale made glowy shapes in After Effects for projections, while his band-mate Cacie Dalager danced in front of them as the camera rolled. Sounds pure and simple, and it was — a wealth of energized material for director Alexa San Roman, who also filmed the pair in an eerily lit car and chased Dalager down the beach at night. The distinctly cool palette of pink, purple, and black melts against the grooves of “Yours.”The editing here is musical in its own right.  Hands reaching into the shot to embrace Cacie are a tender match for the breathless vocals in the song.Check out the sunset-soaked desert in San-Roman’s video for “SGL.”Cover image via “Losing You.”Looking for more industry inspiration? Check out these articles.E3 2019: How Video Games Are Changing Cinematic StorytellingWhat Is Panavision’s Liquid Crystal Neutral Density (LCND) Filter?What the Marvel Cinematic Universe Means for the Future of FilmIndustry Insights: Filming Documentary Subjects in Conflict Zones10k Vs 100k Vs 500k: Feature Film Budgets Comparedlast_img read more

The One Way to Establish Your Credibility and Relevance

first_imgSome salespeople still open the first meeting with a prospective client by sharing their company’s history as a way of establishing the right to be in the room with a decision-maker. They’ll also share the company’s locations and the names and pictures of the people who make up their leadership team. After proving their company is stable and established, they move onto sharing who their clients are, offering the social proof that other companies have chosen to work with them. In the worst cases, the salesperson describes their product or services and how they are different from their competitors. None of this proof accomplishes what the salesperson is trying to achieve. There is only one way you establish your credibility and relevance, and that is by creating value for your prospective client during that interaction.The Poor Strategy of Pointing ElsewhereWhen you believe the best way to convince your dream client that you are credible and relevant is to point elsewhere, you are working against your goal. It is to believe that you prove you are credible, not because you should be believed, but because your company is good. The logos you use to impress your prospective clients will occasionally impress a contact or two, but it will do very little in the way of their preferring to work with you or take your advice. Sharing how your products and services are different might be useful in a transactional sale, or one in which you are given only an hour to present, but outside of that context does nothing to make you a credible source or relevant to your dream clients.The more you lean on something else to prove you are credible and relevant, the less credible and material you are. The harder you try to establish that you belong in the room by pointing people at something or someone else, the more difficult you make it to believe this is true. More still, you started a call by making your company and your solutions the subject of the conversation instead of your prospective client and their needs, a poor sales approach, and one that is not likely to cause them to prefer you over your competition.If you want to be credible and relevant, you have to prove that through the sales conversation.Competency OneSome of the very best salespeople walk into a meeting with a business card, a legal pad, and a pen. They are subject matter experts with the business acumen and situational knowledge necessary to engage their prospective clients in a conversation about the trends in their industry, their impact, and the implications for their clients. They also possess a strong view of what their prospective clients need to do to produce better results. In short, they know things.The sales conversation proves the salesperson is credible because they show a command of the facts and establish the context for a discussion around why and how their prospective client should change. They can explain why their contacts are struggling to produce the results they need and how other people have solved those problems. While they may not know as much about their prospective client’s business, they know more about what’s at the intersection of their business and their client’s business.It is the conversation that proves the salesperson is credible, that they are to be believed. The subject of the conversation is what makes them relevant.The fact that you work for a good company with a great solution proves nothing when it comes to whether or not you are the right person to advise your dream client on what they should do and why. When the sales conversation is about what, why, and how your dream client should change, you prove you’re relevant because you focus your conversation on what your contacts care about now.The Relevancy TestIn every new engagement, you have to pass the relevancy test. The unasked questions your contacts are trying to answer is, “Can this person really help us,” and “Is this someone we want to work with,” and “Should I take this person’s advice?” If you know less than your dream client’s about the intersection of your business and their business, you will have a tough time creating enough value for your contacts to answer these questions in the affirmative.It is no longer enough to know about your company and your solutions. You cannot sell successfully and also be a know-nothing. Instead, you must be a subject matter expert when it comes to the outcomes you create. Without the business acumen and situational knowledge, you will struggle to generate enough value for your prospective clients to agree to move forward with you as a possible partner.What You Should Do NowIf you want to be more credible and relevant, you might start by developing a genuine interest in business. Successfully salespeople understand business, and they pay attention to what’s going on in the world and understand the context in which their clients are making decisions.If you want to improve your sales approach, learning why your clients change and understanding how to address the issues they need to resolve requires a bit of work, but increases your value to your clients.Situational knowledge is different than experience, as one can have experience and have learned very little. Knowing why certain factors should cause a client to do one thing instead of another requires that you notice these things, that you write them down, and that you learn to explain them to your dream clients.You have to do this work for yourself. No one can give this to you. You can, however, acquire it faster by spending time with people who already have what you want (and in this case, what you need). You can also speed the acquisition of credibility and relevance by intentionally doing the work necessary to become a consultative salesperson and someone whose clients consider a trusted advisor.last_img read more

Searches against govt. officials in 10 States

first_imgThe Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Thursday carried out searches in 10 States against senior government officials who face corruption charges in cases registered by various enforcement agencies, including one related to the alleged ‘memorial’ scam during the Mayawati government in Uttar Pradesh. The development comes days after the agency cracked down on shell companies across 16 States as part of the Central government’s drive against black money.On Thursday, the searches were conducted in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West Bengal and Goa, among other States. The Directorate has already registered money laundering cases against the accused persons. One case is linked to some Uttar Pradesh government officials in the alleged ‘memorial’ scam, which caused a loss of ₹ 1,400 crore to the exchequer. “Searches have also been conducted against the then Director General (Health), project engineers and the then Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam director in the National Rural Health Scheme case, in which government servants and ministers had allegedly misappropriated funds. The agency has so far attached properties worth over ₹ 250 crore in the case,” said an official.Another case is against an IAS officer in West Bengal, who had allegedly released funds to the tune of ₹ 60 crore by manipulating tender documents in collusion with some engineers. In Tamil Nadu, searches were carried out against bank officials who had allegedly sanctioned loans for extended credit facilities to private parties without the necessary papers or collaterals.last_img read more

Mamata’s pen drips sarcasm on Centre’s economic policies

first_imgWest Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday once gain took recourse to sarcastic poems to target the economic policies of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led government at the Centre. She alleged there was a “dangerous situation” for common people and also asked where the country was heading to with depleting foreign exchange reserve.“Rupee suffering from low fever, petrol and diesel prices highest ever,” she said in a post on social media. Earlier this month, she had written a similar poem titled ‘Identity’ expressing her opposition to the ongoing exercise of National Register of Citizens in Assam. In the post, she alleged that foreign exchange reserves had fallen by $21.84 billion between March end and August 3 and current account deficit was moving up towards 2.8% of the GDP. “The unprepared bravado of launching GST has resulted in a massive loss to State revenues to the tune of ₹48,178 crore during July 2017 and March 2018,” she said. She also alleged that the makeshift filing of GST has now “charges of racketeering, black marketing and hawala.” “Everyone of this country is concerned now. Where are we heading to,” she asked.last_img read more