Cartoon: Facebook’s Dogged Critics

first_imgMore Noise to Signal. Tags:#Cartoons#Facebook#web Guide to Performing Bulk Email Verification rob cottingham This hasn’t been a good past few weeks for Facebook. Growing concerns over what Facebook’s deliberately doing to your privacy collided with news about what Facebook’s doing accidentally with your data.There are two upcoming ways you can protest: by not logging in on June 6, or – if you’re ready to finally cut the umbilical cord – quitting altogether on May 31. So far, while they’re getting press attention, neither initiative is showing signs of snowballing yet, with registered followers numbering only in the hundreds.That’s not to say the discontent is limited to net activists and privacy advocates. “How do I delete my Facebook account” is suddenly a very popular search on Google.Which I actually find encouraging, and not because of any hostility toward Facebook. (Not that I’m happy with its privacy practices, or its approach to the open Web, by which it seems to mainly mean a Web that’s open to driving data into Facebook. And not that I side with the “your-privacy’s-dead-anyway-so-shut-up” crowd, either.) If so many people are at least thinking of voting with their feet, then maybe there’s at least some awareness among regular users that our privacy, attention and data are all worth something. And maybe, just maybe, that awareness could coalesce into a market force that rewards openness and accountability, and punishes arbitrary, high-handed behaviour.Otherwise, well, I likely won’t quit this year. But there’s always May 31, 2011. A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Related Posts Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro…last_img read more

How IoT Will Change Content Marketing

first_imgNora LearyCo-Founder Follow the Puck What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Nora Leary is the co-founder of Launchway Media, a digital marketing firm that works with startups and SMEs in high-tech industries. AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Tags:#Big Data#Content Marketing#Digital Marketing#Internet of Things Related Posts The IoT market is growing at an explosive rate. Gartner predicts there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices by 2020. In 2016, global spending on the IoT across markets was US$737 billion. IDC says this number will reach US$1.29 trillion by 2020.One area that many may not think IoT has an impact is marketing. Content marketers too can harness the power of connected devices and the data these devices provide to create more robust campaigns.Content marketing has reached the point of saturation. In 2019, nearly 88% of B2B companies in the US will use digital content marketing. It can be challenging to stand out when so many brands are creating content daily. Here’s how data from IoT devices can help marketers cut through the noise in a crowded content landscape.The opportunities IoT provides content marketers.Data has become essential to content marketing, which is why the IoT will have such a massive impact. As the number of connected devices rises, so does the amount of consumer data. Devices collect user information that can then help marketers understand their consumers more accurately and create better experiences.For example, connected pillows have sensors that can track sleep data and provide the corresponding brand with information about user sleep patterns. This data can help the company create more personalized campaigns, increasing their competitive advantage as they give consumers a more personal experience. If a user snores, marketers can offer them options to help stop storing, for example. Offering an experience rather than content, known as experiential marketing, creates a new type of engagement between companies and consumers.Connected devices give marketers the chance to send content straight to a consumer, eliminating competition and distraction from other material. For instance, when a consumer purchases a connected pillow, they will receive content based on the data from the pillow to their mobile device.Companies can segment and target different groups of people. For example, the company can choose to deliver one type of content to all connected firm pillows, while sending a completely different experience to soft pillows. Both pillows offer different experiences, so companies could exchange content between the two types of pillows to provide consumers with a new experience.Advanced data collection and utilization will help content teams deliver optimal content. For example, marketers can deliver content in real-time if there is an emergency or a new update that’s important to a particular audience. Marketers can also take commonly asked questions in customer service to create content that initiates related conversations.There are many ways marketers can leverage the data that IoT devices generate. By understanding when, where, and how customers are using their products, they can deliver stronger, more personalized experiences. IoT can produce insights that lead to product improvements, which marketers can implement in campaigns. It’s a good idea for teams to have an existing content marketing platform to gain insights into content performance.The challenges of IoT implementation for marketers.Although the IoT offers many exciting opportunities, there are a few things marketers should keep in mind when developing their content strategy.Data proficiency.It will be important for all content marketers to learn how to process, analyze, and interpret data to apply it to their content. Expertise in data and analytics may be a required skill for content marketers in the future. Marketers should also make sure they have the necessary analytic tools to interpret data. While marketers upskill, we’ll likely see more data scientists join marketing teams to harness the IoT’s potential.Contextual targeting.One of the biggest challenges for content marketers will be delivering relevant content at the right time. Although it’s easy for consumers to skim over the content on websites and mobile apps, this will prove more difficult on smart objects. Therefore, consumers will develop an even lower tolerance for content they don’t find relevant. Marketers will need to nail contextual content by providing the perfect piece of information at the right place and at the right time.Rise in voice search.By 2020, 50% of consumers will interact with voice-activated technology. Online search behavior is changing quickly. In the era of IoT, it’s essential for marketers to start optimizing their content for voice search and virtual assistants. Voice searches differ from online searches – they are often longer and use more question-like phrases. Content creators will need to change their approach and update existing SEO tactics so consumers will have a higher chance of finding their content.Extended use for IoT in content marketing.With the increase of connected devices, marketers can harness the influx of consumer data to create compelling content. Along with the potential of IoT, there are some challenges. To overcome these barriers, marketers will need to have a firm grasp on data, create relevant content, and optimize for voice search. If they can act on data from IoT devices while getting all of these elements right, they’ll increase trust and loyalty among customers and strengthen the relationship between brands and consumers. Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaceslast_img read more

NGT directs Uttarakhand, U.P. to display Ganga water quality

first_imgThe National Green Tribunal has directed the Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Boards to display the water quality of the Ganga at all strategic locations on a monthly basis, to indicate whether the river water is fit for drinking and bathing.A Bench, headed by NGT Chairperson Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel, further pulled up the National Mission for Clean Ganga over its submission that the States of Bihar, Jharkhand, U.P. and West Bengal have not provided relevant information pertaining to the stretches between Kanpur to Buxar and Buxar to Ganga Sagar.“It has indicated that the States have not provided the information and therefore, action plans could not be formulated within the stipulated time frame. The lackadaisical approach of the NMCG can hardly be appreciated as it has been set up by the government with the sole object of rejuvenation of Ganga…,” the Bench said.It added, “We may have to take coercive action, including environment compensation being required to be paid by the NMCG, and U.P., Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal for not responding and failing to formulate the action plans for Phase II and Phase III.”The green panel has granted NMCG and the respective States a “final opportunity” to file action plans by April 30, pertaining to sewage treatment and utilisation of the same.The Uttar Pradesh government has also been directed to ensure that a committee headed by Justice Arun Tandon is consulted pertaining to waste management following the Kumbh mela in Prayagraj (Allahabad).last_img read more

World T20: Watson powers Aussies to win vs Ireland

first_imgFrom the very first ball, Shane Watson stamped his name all over the opening Group B match between Ireland and Australia.He opened the bowling, got Ireland skipper Will Porterfield hooking straight down fine legs throat, and went on to take two more wickets. He then scored a half-century in a comprehensive Australian win at the R Premadasa Stadium here on Wednesday.In response to Irelands belowaverage 123 for seven, Australia romped home by seven wickets with 4.5 overs remaining. On a pitch that offered good bounce-and-carry for bowlers who were ready to bend their backs, Ireland had hit rock bottom by the eighth over with the scoreboard reading 33 for four. That was when the OBrien brothers Niall and Kevin got together to stage a recovery with a 52- run stand.While Niall buckled down and rotated the strike, the big-hitting Kevin started finding the boundary with ease, leading Aussie skipper George Bailey to reintroduce Watson.And the burly all- rounder rocked Ireland again, getting through Nialls defences and then inducing an edge of Kevins blade that was pouched by wicketkeeper Matthew Wade within three balls.Barring one 10- run over from Pat Cummins, Ireland were pretty pedestrian at the death, and it was thanks to the only six of the innings from Nigel Jones that they crossed the six runs per over mark.Australias reply began in a stoic fashion with Watson and David Warner raising just nine runs in the first two overs, before a horror 10- ball over from pacer Boyd Rankin, costing 12 runs, handed them the momentum.The next over from veteran Trent Johnston was pure carnage as first Warner hit a boundary before Watson launched a stunning assault, taking 19 off the over.During the opening stand of 60, Warner (26) crossed the 1,000- run mark, but even after his departure to spinner George Dockrell, Watson kept going.A four and a six each off Paul Stirling and Dockrell brought him his 50 off just 28 balls and by the time he was runout by a direct hit from short third man, man- of- thematch Watson had put the match beyond Irelands reach.After Michael Husseys dismissal, Cameron White (22 not out) and captain Bailey 6 not out) ensured there were no more hiccups for the Kangaroos.We knew how important the game was to make a statement. Id been thinking about how to bowl the first over for about a day and it worked out nicely,?? Watson said.advertisementlast_img read more