Mamata’s pen drips sarcasm on Centre’s economic policies

first_imgWest Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday once gain took recourse to sarcastic poems to target the economic policies of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led government at the Centre. She alleged there was a “dangerous situation” for common people and also asked where the country was heading to with depleting foreign exchange reserve.“Rupee suffering from low fever, petrol and diesel prices highest ever,” she said in a post on social media. Earlier this month, she had written a similar poem titled ‘Identity’ expressing her opposition to the ongoing exercise of National Register of Citizens in Assam. In the post, she alleged that foreign exchange reserves had fallen by $21.84 billion between March end and August 3 and current account deficit was moving up towards 2.8% of the GDP. “The unprepared bravado of launching GST has resulted in a massive loss to State revenues to the tune of ₹48,178 crore during July 2017 and March 2018,” she said. She also alleged that the makeshift filing of GST has now “charges of racketeering, black marketing and hawala.” “Everyone of this country is concerned now. Where are we heading to,” she asked.last_img read more

Terror On The Line

first_imgThe gunman on the phone in Mumbai said his name was Imran, he wouldn’t put the hostages on the phone and besides, they were fine – they hadn’t even been slapped around.No one at Chabad House wanted any food, he claimed, his calm demeanor finally breaking into some irritation. “We haven’t come here to eat and drink,” he said.On the other end of the phone, a New York City professor tried to keep his focus as he spent hours on the phone as a translator for Orthodox Jewish officials trying to talk to one of the attackers who had taken over their religious headquarters in the Indian city.“At the beginning, I didn’t know what to be thinking, I didn’t know what would happen,” Pace University finance professor P. V. Viswanath said. “I had a lot of trepidation when I got on the call.”Viswanath, who grew up in Mumbai and is an Orthodox Jew, was in his office that evening preparing his class lessons when he got word that gunmen had attacked a number of sites in Mumbai at the end of last month. He heard Chabad-Lubavitch officials were looking for help, that one of the attackers at Chabad House was answering Rabbi Gavriel Noach Holtzberg’s cell phone but would only speak further in Urdu. Prof. P.V. Viswanath spent hours on the phone as a translator for Orthodox Jewish officials trying to talk to one of the gunmen who had taken over their religious headquarters in Mumbai.Viswanath, who counts Urdu among the numerous languages he speaks, was ready to help. He had visited Chabad Houses around the world, and had even been to the one in Mumbai and shared a meal with Holtzberg. He offered his assistance, and was connected to Rabbi Levi Shemtov, director of the Washington office of American Friends of Lubavitch. Shemtov set up conference calls, between Washington, New York, and Holtzberg’s cell phone in Mumbai.Shemtov described the man on the phone as “hauntingly calm.” Viswanath said he didn’t hear any of the vitrol that he might have expected.“They had clearly attacked a Jewish center so presumably they were anti-Jewish, anti-Israel, I would not have been surprised if the voice sounded angry, sad, filled with hate, making statements about what Jews might or might not have done to Muslims,” he said. “He didn’t say anything about Israel or make any anti-Semitic comments.”In fact, Viswanath said, the man didn’t say much of anything, refusing to answer a question about how many people were in the building. In successive conversations, they asked repeatedly about Holtzberg and the others in Chabad House, to be told they were fine. When they asked Imran what he wanted, he said he wanted to speak to someone from the Indian government.Viswanath said Chabad-Lubavitch officials tried and finally got someone, but couldn’t get through to the attacker because of technical problems. At another point, Imran asked for someone who had been taken into custody in Mumbai be brought over to him, but that didn’t go anywhere either.And then finally, just after 5 a.m., the man said the phone battery was weak, and hung up, according to Shemtov. “The next time we tried to reach him, we couldn’t reach him anymore,” the rabbi said.Viswanath remained waiting on the phone for several hours after that, finally getting back to his home the afternoon after the ordeal started. It was only later that he found out Holtzberg and his wife were among the 171 killed in the attacks.Looking back, he doesn’t know that any amount of conversation would have changed the outcome, given that the calm and collected voice on the other end didn’t really change.“He was going to do whatever he was going to do, or had already done,” Viswanath said. “So if the plan was to kill everybody, that was what he was going to do. Our talking to him I don’t think would have changed events in any way.”“I think we were hoping that we could do something positive, that we could keep him from doing something drastic, that we’d be able to save the people there, but looking back on it, I don’t think it mattered whatever we said or did.”   Related Itemslast_img read more

Photos: The Amy Duggan Story.

first_imgAdvertisementAmy Duggan was born in Canberra, Australia and grew up in Tuggeranong. She started playing soccer at Tuggeranong United FC.She was a member of the Australia women’s national soccer team, known as “The Matildas”, playing as a defender in over twenty international matches.She was first elected to the Australian women’s national team in 1997. That same year she was called up for the 1997 Women’s U.S. Cup to replace injured defender Bridgette Starr.She wound up cut out of the Australian team for the 2000 Summer Olympics. After one year away from international soccer, Taylor returned to the Matildas in 2004 to take part in the Olympic qualifiers. She was again an alternate player for the 2004 Olympics tournament.Known as a tenacious defender and aggressive tackler, Taylor’s style of play contributed to a number of injuries which ultimately ended her football career. After two reconstructive surgeries on her ankles following the Matildas’ 2004 season, she retired from competitive football.Picture courtesy – Amy Duggan (Instagram)Advertisementlast_img read more

Jenas: Modric or Kante should take Ballon d’Or

first_imgJermaine Jenas thinks that the Ballon d’Or has overlooked some great creative players due to its focus on goal-scorers like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.The duo have dominated the best player awards for the last decade, with AC Milan and Brazil legend Kaka the last player to claim it from outside the two superstars.Ronaldo and Messi have been boosted by their club success, where they have both won a host of European and international honours. However, Jenas believes that World Cup winning players in deeper role deserve to be part of the discussion too and he thinks that with the likes of Andres Iniesta and Xavi having never won it, it may be hard for players in deeper roles to get their ultimate recognition. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! “You would like to think so [that others can compete for the Ballon d’Or],” BT Sport pundit Jenas told Goal. “I feel like we are in an era where there is a lack of respect to other footballers, even in light of what Messi and Ronaldo have done.”What they have done is amazing but I feel like at the start of the season we just say whoever is best out of Messi and Ronaldo, gets the award. When you consider that players like Andres Iniesta or Xavi never won the Ballon d’Or then no one can.”These two players, Messi and Ronaldo, don’t seem human and have had great seasons but if you really look at others players. Like Modric this year, [Franck] Ribery for Bayern a few years ago could have got it and he didn’t get a sniff.”Now Kante is in that scenario, no matter what he does, he will get some recognition but never THE recognition for what he does. Even off the back of winning the World Cup, someone like Paul Pogba will get more plaudits. He had a great World Cup as well, but there’s a popularity thing as part of it.””I just watch football but the personality side of it is big too. [Paul] Pogba announced with Stormzy upon signing for Manchester United and the haircuts, I loved all that stuff. I came from an era where that would be unacceptable, where you kind of got told what to do.”He puffs out his chest and he says, this is me, this is my style. You look at Kante, he looks like the shyest man in the world and from what I know from people who know him, he is extremely humble. There’s a lot to like about both but when it comes to getting noticed then Pogba is always going to be at the front.”Pogba sells more shirts and he is big on social media. Kante has had great credit so far, but I don’t think he will ever win the Ballon d’Or.”Modric Cristiano Ronaldo SalahJenas played alongside Modric at Tottenham as part of the team that lifted the club’s last major honour, as they beat Chelsea 2-1 in the League Cup final of 2008. Modric has now been shortlisted for the UEFA Player of the Year award, with Mohamed Salah and Cristiano Ronaldo, with Messi being left out.Spurs are now preparing to open their 61,000 seater stadium as they continue to fight for their next major honour, having qualified for the Champions League for the last three seasons.Jenas is lining up the purchase of a box in the new stadium, but he hopes that the new White Hart Lane development doesn’t take money away from building a competitive first team – and he looked to Arsenal’s example in how not to act after building a new ground.”I just feel that Wembley isn’t an issue either when they started there or at the moment,” Jenas added. “They will be a little disappointed to not be in their new stadium and dressing room and having that drive to White Hart Lane. It is back to business with the win versus Fulham.”I like everything about the new stadium. I did the virtual tour. I have spoken to the club to get a couple of seats in one of the lounges. My mother is a massive Spurs fan, I am always working weekends, so they will be for her mostly. I am looking forward to that new era.”When I first signed for Tottenham, I was part of the development for that club and I knew that I was taking the club from battling mid-table to challenge for Champions League spots and my team did that. Part of it was that they wanted to be what they are now.”It will be nice to walk in there and think, my team was part of this journey and just enjoy the games there. You hope it will help them on the pitch but you can go they will stick or twist. You hope that it will be about a further push, but part of you thinks, well it needs to be paid for.”So how long does it take to get to that place. Will they use all the extra revenue to pay off the stadium? All this money will come in but will they spend it on the stadium and not the players. I hope not because the minute they do that then they find themselves in Arsenal’s position, which is two years away from getting into the glory of the Champions League.”BT Sport brings you the moments that matter this season with exclusively live action from the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Gallagher Premiership Rugby, Heineken Champions Cup, Boxing and MotoGP. Watch on TV and mobile via the award winning BT Sport App.  For more info visit read more

iPhone X vs Pixel 2 XL: 5 reasons why Apple wins this round

first_imgApple’s tenth anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X, is all set to go on sale today. The $999 iPhone has seen a lot of hype, a lot of praise and a lot of issues in production as well. Whether or not the company has the numbers to meet the demand remains to be seen. But the iPhone X has a competition in Google’s Pixel 2 XL, which will be shipping from November 15. A lot of consumers in the market for a premium flagship will be torn between the two biggest flagships right now.Now, the iPhone X does not come cheap. That’s more so the case in India where it starts at Rs 89,000 and goes up to Rs 1,02,000. The Pixel 2 XL, on the other hand starts at Rs 73,000. Many would be deliberating whether the iPhone X is worth the super premium price tag it comes with. A lot of people who have the means to buy the X will have made up their minds by now. But for those who want to know why Apple’s flagship makes more sense than Google’s, we have five good reasons. We’ve played around with both the smartphones so we will also have an argument for why the Pixel 2 XL should be your choice over the iPhone X as well so stay tuned for that. For now, here’s why you should consider the iPhone X. It’s all about that displayThere’s no going around it. The iPhone X has a gorgeous display. It is, after all, one of the biggest highlights of the device. This is the first iPhone to sport an edge-to-edge display. It is also the first to sport an OLED panel. For a lot of Apple fans out there who have been a little anxious to see something different from the Cupertino giant, the iPhone X cannot be any more different.advertisementThe screen is everything you would expect from an OLED display. The colours are sharp, vivid, and a delight to look at. You’ll spend a lot of time admiring the crisp colours, especially in the dark. If OLED is what you’re looking for then the iPhone X delivers. Also, with all the flak Google has been receiving about the Pixel 2 XL’s P-OLED display, your best bet between the two would be on the X.As a bezel-less phone, the X fits in more content into the frame than ever before. In fact, the iPhone X has a bigger screen to body ratio than the Pixel 2 XL. You won’t complain about the bezel-less-ness of the iPhone X as much as you would about the Pixel 2 XL. Yes, the X does have a pretty obnoxious notch right on top, but after a few hours with the device, you will get used to it. The notch alone should not be a deal breaker for those considering Apple’s flagship.  Face ID is the futureFacial recognition isn’t new. Companies like Samsung have had the technology for years now. But there is something about Apple’s Face ID with TrueDepth technology that makes it far more reliable, secure than any other facial recognition feature in a smartphone before. This is where the company justifies the distracting notch above the display. The notch houses a number of sensors like IR camera, dot projector, proximity sensor, among others. Most of the sensors inside help in making Face ID a lot more accurate and a lot more foolproof than your average facial recognition.Face ID is at the core of what the X is about. Not only is this the default way to unlock the iPhone now, but Apple Pay and Animojis also work using Face ID sensors. With all the sensors packed inside the notch, you would expect Face ID to work flawlessly, and for the most part it does.Also Read: iPhone X quick review: Great hardware, superb screen but you may miss home button for a whileApple says its Face ID tech is more secure than any other facial recognition camera seen on a smartphone. The jury is still out on that. But from our time with the X, Face ID was pretty on spot. Setting it up is fast and simple. It will unlock only when you look directly at it, and won’t work if you’re facing away from the front-facing camera or if your eyes are closed. The IR camera also detects your face in darkness. So far so good. There are some instances when Face ID refuses to unlock under direct sunlight due to interferences with the IR camera, but for the most part Face ID has been flawless.advertisementPerformance has never been this goodPowering the iPhone X is Apple’s A11 Bionic chip along with 3GB of RAM. The device has already blown away benchmark tests, but real life performance is what you need to know about. And the iPhone X is a beast. This is a fast phone there’s no denying that. This is probably the fastest iPhone yet. In our time with the device, we found the experience to be extremely fast and fluid with barely any performance issue.The UI is snappy in general. Sure, iOS 11 has more than a few bugs that can make the phone lag at times, but you can be assured a few software updates will take care of that soon enough. Look, if you’re spending $1000 on a phone, you expect the device to perform, and the iPhone X’s hardware delivers on that.Apple AR ups the gameAnother feature baked into the iPhone is Apple AR. The company’s own augmented reality technology makes use of the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera and A11 Bionic chip to create sophisticated AR effects. The sensors inside the iPhone X do a lot to accurately map and overlay virtual objects or scenes on your real-life environment. The TrueDepth camera will also allow third-party apps to create more realistic 3D effects. Snapchat’s face filters, for example, adapt to your face a lot more accurately than on any other phone. As more and more developers use Apple’s ARKit to bring out AR apps, users will have more options to play around with the cameras sensors. You will be able to, for example, use AR to check out how virtual furnitures will look in your real home setting. We tested some AR apps available in the App Store and the level of accuracy and mapping were pretty mind blowing to say the least.It’s just plain funWith the iPhone X, Apple has introduced a few new features like the Animoji and new gestures that change the way you interact with the iPhone. The home button is gone which means Apple had to improvise and add new ways to close and switch between apps. One gesture lets you flick apps from the bottom of the display to close them, which was quite satisfying, while another gesture lets you toggle between them with ease. There’s no doubt that you’re going to have fun with the new UI that tries to get the most out of the edge-to-edge display.Animoji as the name suggests is Apple’s animated emoji feature. Essentially, the iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera maps your face on to emojis like monkeys, foxes, poop among many others. Speak and the Animoji will speak, move and your Animoji will move as well. You can share your Animojis with your family and friends and have a good laugh. It’s a novel idea, at least for now.These are just some of the new features and improvements that make the iPhone X a reasonable choice to consider over the Pixel 2 XL. Like we mentioned earlier, Google’s flagship has a few advantages that make it a great device as well and we’ll let you know about it soon. advertisementlast_img read more

Asus makes ZenFone 5z cheaper again in India: Should you buy it now?

first_imgWhen it comes to making flagship smartphones, Asus is a step ahead from the others with standout ideas. This year, we saw the Asus 6z utilising a unique Flip Camera module to get rid of the notch and offer an extremely versatile camera experience. Even last year ZenFone 5z offered an astonishing proposition with an impressive set of cameras and great battery life. In fact, it was the first major Android phone to debut with a display notch.Ever since it launched last year in India, the ZenFone 5z has received numerous price cuts to make it a better proposition against its arch-rivals – the Poco F2 and OnePlus 6. The ZenFone 5z is Asus’ only offering in the sub-Rs 30,000 segment and Asus is still selling it despite launching 6z in India. Recently, Asus dropped the price again on the ZenFone 5z a few days ago and now the base variant (with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage) starts at Rs 24,999. The top-end variant with 8GB RAM and 256GB storage now costs Rs 28,999.At these prices, there are a couple of new phones that in some way or the other fair better than the ZenFone 5z. However, Asus is still selling the phone and seems to be interested in selling it in the near future as well. Is it worth buying now in mid-2019?Asus ZenFone 5z – Why you should buy it–The ZenFone 5z is old but it is one of the few phones in the market to still come with the Snapdragon 845 chipset. The Snapdragon 845 is no slouch by any means even today and if you love gaming, this chip can still support it. In the ZenFone 5z, the Snapdragon 845 performs well and despite running a heavy ZenUI 5, it can easily run any Android application one can throw at it.advertisement–Unlike the Poco F1 which is only focused towards a cheaper price tag, the ZenFone 5z is a premium flagship built with all the modern materials people expect in a flagship. The phone gets Gorilla Glass protection and flaunts Asus’ classic concentric circle gradient at the back.–If you don’t like phones with a pop-up camera, this is probably one of the very few options under Rs 30,000 to sport a conventional display. It sports a big notch but at 6.2-inches, the screen is more than big enough to watch movies or play games.–The ZenFone 5z comes with a pair of good cameras. There’s a combination of a 13-megapixel primary camera and an 8-megapixel wide-angle camera at the back. While it may not be as good as the setup on the Asus 6z, it still offers a decent photography performance nonetheless.Asus ZenFone 5z – Why you should avoid it–In 2019, smartphones have started adopting modern notch-less design trends. Phones such as the Vivo V15 Pro, Oppo F11 Pro, Redmi K20 and Realme have all gone for notch-less display design. These designs feel more modern and offer more screen real estate. In comparison, the ZenFone 5z feels dated with its huge notch and a fat chin. The LCD screen is good for consuming content but it can’t compete with the modern fullscreen OLED displays most of its rivals offer. The Redmi K20 starting at Rs 21,999 is a viable alternative with more modern features.–The ZenFone 5z comes with the powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset but its arch-rival – the Redmi K20, comes with the more modern Snapdragon 730 chipset with more efficient Kryo cores. Therefore, going for the newer model might make more sense if longevity is primary for you.–Most importantly, the ZenFone 5z is more than a year old now. Xiaomi’s Redmi K20 at similar prices offers better and more versatile cameras, a bigger battery with fast charging support, a modern gradient design, a fullscreen AMOLED display with an in-display fingerprint sensor, and the cool-looking pop-up camera. The ZenFone 5z seems to be at a major disadvantage when you compare it with its rivals.ALSO READ | Asus 6z review: The coolest Android flagship for geeks and camera lovers ALSO READ | Asus ROG Phone 2 debuts with Snapdragon 855 Plus but other features make it most exciting gaming phone ALSO READ | Asus ZenFone 5Z review: The OnePlus 6 killer?last_img read more

Joe Root and Ben Stokes rescue England against improved West Indies

first_imgShare on Facebook England v West Indies: second Test, day one – as it happened The door was ajar but West Indies were unable to barge it wide open. Their bowling was much improved on a deceptively inviting Headingley track but at crucial moments their catching was all too fallible. So some familiar names were able to restore a faltering England innings with considerable gusto.For the 12th Test in succession Joe Root posted a half-century, equalling the record set by AB de Villiers, while Ben Stokes, in barnstorming mode, plundered 100 from 122 balls, a devastating riposte after England’s early troubles. Share via Email Sign up to the Spin – our weekly cricket round-up Ben Stokes Gabriel thundered up the slope – he is one of those fast bowlers who visibly strains every sinew to conjure his pace – and the ball generally landed on target at around 90mph. In his fourth over he found the edge of Cook’s bat and from a sluggish surface there was still sufficient pace for the ball to carry to Kyle Hope at third slip.Now Roach intervened to dismiss Tom Westley in a manner that is already too familiar. The delivery was full in length and Westley sought to flick it through the onside. As at Edgbaston he missed and was lbw.Mark Stoneman had proceeded without many alarms – or many strokes of authority – when he drove at Roach only to be caught behind off the inside edge. Soon after Powell gave that life to Root; meanwhile Dawid Malan was becalmed by four consecutive maidens from Holder as England stuttered to lunch.After the interval Holder tried bowling round the wicket to Malan and was immediately rewarded when an inside edge slid on to the stumps. So the new triumvirate of batsmen had mustered 30 runs between them and the tour party conundrum remained. None of them had convinced on a day when Haseeb Hameed, Gary Ballance and Alex Hales suddenly became better players. There are a lot of names in the hat for Australia and there is no knowing how the selectors are going to pick them out. The selectors, one suspects, do not know either.Soon Stokes had his first reprieve and the tempo of the match changed. Root began to time the ball in his usual manner and it quickly became clear that Stokes was minded to grab the initiative. The cover drives often played with his left knee bent to the ground started to speed to the boundary. So out came the third slip, whereupon he edged through the ensuing gap; Roach even tried bowling to him with an eight-one off-side field but Stokes could not be shackled.Root, minded to dominate against the spinners, also began to accelerate. This determination may have brought his downfall. Sensing a huge gap behind square on the leg side, he tried an improvised sweep against Devendra Bishoo; the ball looped from the toe of Root’s bat to first slip.Jonny Bairstow did not last long, neatly caught at second slip by Holder off Gabriel, and Moeen Ali flickered only briefly after tea until he was caught at cover off Roach. But Stokes ensured a competitive total with a string of breathtaking strokes.There were disdainful flicked drives wide of mid-on from deliveries that would have missed off-stump and flamingo pull shots. In this mood he intimidates bowlers and, it seems, fielders, especially flaky ones like Gabriel. However, the muscular Trinidadian pacer soon atoned for his drop when he induced Stokes to edge a short ball to the keeper. In the same over the keeper, Shane Dowrich, dropped a sitter from Stuart Broad’s bat but Gabriel soon yorked him for a duck anyway and Woakes followed in the next over.So here was graphic confirmation of so many things already known. England still have the shakiest of upper orders, utterly over-dependent on Cook and Root; but they have their feisty combinations down below as demonstrated brilliantly by Stokes.Meanwhile there is potential within this West Indian side. At their best Gabriel and Roach are a handful; the former is the fastest bowler in the match, the latter can send the ball down with the seam ominously proud. But these tourists do not yet know how to seize the moment. Read more Read more Support The Guardian England cricket team Share on Messenger Topics Share on LinkedIn Share on Twittercenter_img Cricket Joe Root Since you’re here… England batting trio of Stoneman, Westley and Malan fail to convince Share on Pinterest Read more West Indies cricket team Yet England’s captain and vice-captain, the two youngest men in the team (find the precedent for that on a rainy day) were dropped before they had reached double figures. When Root was on eight and the score a paltry 44 for three, he edged a delivery from Shannon Gabriel straight to first slip and he had just begun to head back to the pavilion when he saw the ball go in and out of the hands of Kieran Powell.In the afternoon Stokes was on nine when he poked at a wide delivery from Kemar Roach; the edge produced a tougher chance for Kraigg Brathwaite at second slip. The ball raced through his hands to the boundary. Stokes would make them pay more severely.To increase the agony later in the day Stokes, on 98, was badly dropped by Gabriel at mid-on off Roach. From the next delivery he completed his sixth Test century. Extreme exhilaration for the fans was matched by almighty exasperation among the tourists.So England, with their batting bolstered by the presence of Chris Woakes at No9 yet still hampered by the three unconvincing newcomers at the top, finished with 258, which may yet be a working total. In reply West Indies are 19 for one after 12 tense overs, during which Powell presented Alastair Cook with his 150th catch in Test cricket from another superb Jimmy Anderson delivery.Batting was trickier than anticipated throughout most of the day; the straw-coloured surface was not so benign after all and a revamped West Indian attack displayed much more discipline and hostility than at Edgbaston. This was partly because of the presence of Gabriel. His day did not begin perfectly since he was mysteriously late on parade – a disgruntled 12th man had to be bundled out just before Gabriel trotted on to the pitch. Yet he soon dispensed any thoughts of a lack of commitment, rather than dodgy timekeeping. Share on WhatsApp match reports Reuse this content … we have a small favour to ask. More people, like you, are reading and supporting the Guardian’s independent, investigative journalism than ever before. And unlike many news organisations, we made the choice to keep our reporting open for all, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay.The Guardian will engage with the most critical issues of our time – from the escalating climate catastrophe to widespread inequality to the influence of big tech on our lives. At a time when factual information is a necessity, we believe that each of us, around the world, deserves access to accurate reporting with integrity at its heart.Our editorial independence means we set our own agenda and voice our own opinions. Guardian journalism is free from commercial and political bias and not influenced by billionaire owners or shareholders. This means we can give a voice to those less heard, explore where others turn away, and rigorously challenge those in power.We hope you will consider supporting us today. We need your support to keep delivering quality journalism that’s open and independent. Every reader contribution, however big or small, is so valuable. Support The Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you. England v West Indies 2017last_img read more

CEA advises states to emulate Rajasthan model for labour reforms

first_imgHyderabad: Pitching for labour law reforms, Chief Economic Adviser Krishnamurthy Subramanian Friday advised states to follow the Rajasthan model for better results. “I think there are four-five labour reforms what Rajasthan did. And what we are saying is that by doing the labour reforms, Rajasthan was able to increase number of firms of above 100 employees. It has increased the output of the factories and also number of workers and factories as well,” he told reporters on the sidelines of an interactive session at the Indian School of Business (ISB) here. Also Read – Maruti cuts production for 8th straight month in Sep In 2014, Rajasthan was the first state that introduced labour reforms in the major Acts. Thereafter, many states followed. The major reforms undertaken by Rajasthan included the amendments to the Industrial Dispute Act, 1947, the Factories Act, 1948, the Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970 and the Apprentices Act, 1961. Replying to a query on the impact of the slump in the automobile industry on the economy, Subramanian said the industry is just one part of the overall manufacturing sector which is doing well. Also Read – Ensure strict implementation on ban of import of e-cigarettes: revenue to Customs On doubling farmers’ income by 2022, the CEA said the committee on the issue has suggested some steps to enable the small and marginal farmers to sell their products in the market place. Subramanian said the target of a USD 5 trillion economy in the next five years is achievable. “For the first trillion dollars that India created, it took 55 years, and from USD 1.7 trillion to USD 2.7 trillion happened between 2014 and 2019. So you can basically create that USD 5 trillion in (the next) five years,” he said. Speaking elsewhere in the city, former RBI governor C Rangarajan said India needs to grow at eight per cent in order to become a USD 5 trillion economy in the next few years. Subramanian said there is an opinion that the small and medium enterprises sector (firms with less than 100 employees) presents a lot of employment opportunities which is not practically true.last_img read more

Correction to Canadian Press story about infrastructure bank moved May 17

first_imgOTTAWA – In a May 17 story about the federal government’s proposed infrastructure bank, The Canadian Press erroneously characterized a recent auditor general’s report as saying taxpayers could be on the hook for loan commitments and loan guarantees from Export Development Canada.In fact, auditor general Michael Ferguson’s report highlighted the need for the government and Crown corporations to report on how much is set aside annually if those loans are ultimately not repaid.last_img

Colombia antitrust regulator fines Uber for blocking probe

BOGOTA — Colombia’s antitrust regulator is fining ride-sharing app Uber $625,000 for allegedly obstructing an investigation into its operations in the country.Three executives were also fined.The action on Monday stems from a 2017 inspection of the company’s office in Bogota. Regulators were seeking information about Uber’s corporate structure, but said executives provided evasive answers and instructed employees not to co-operate.Uber said in a statement it would evaluate its legal options once notified of the fine, which can be appealed.Since its launch in Colombia in 2013, Uber has faced stiff resistance from taxi drivers who say the company is stealing their work. The company operates in a state of legal limbo because it pays taxes but lacks approval to operate in the country.The Associated Press read more

KingSettled group says it will build stake in Primaris REIT if price

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by Linda Nguyen, The Canadian Press Posted Jan 24, 2013 4:36 pm MDT TORONTO – A consortium led by KingSett Capital said Thursday that it hasn’t given up on buying Primaris Retail REIT (TSX:PMZ.UN) but won’t outbid a counter-offer for the national shopping mall owner because it would be “economically prohibitive.”Instead, the group, led by KingSett and also comprised of the Ontario Pension Board, RioCan REIT (TSX:REI.UN), Canada’s largest shopping mall estate owner, and others, announced it will turn its efforts to “directly or indirectly” acquiring more Primaris units on the Toronto Stock Exchange to build its holdings.In December, KingSett offered $26 per unit in a $4.4-billion cash takeover bid for Primaris, which owns 35 properties across Canada, including retail outlets in Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta.The board at Primaris rejected the deal, calling it an undervaluation of shopping centre real estate trust and began pursuing other potential buyers.Last week, H&R REIT (TSX:HR.UN) offered a friendly takeover proposal of cash and equity valued at $28 per Primaris unit, with the cash component subject to a cap of $700 million.Under the agreement, H&R would also be entitled to a $106.6-million break fee if Primaris accepts a superior proposal under certain circumstances.The break fee includes a cash payment of $70 million and an option to acquire Dufferin Mall and certain Yonge Street properties in Toronto owned by Primaris, priced at an aggregate $36.6-million discount to the properties’ appraised values.KingSett’s founder and managing partner, Jon Love, says the group has been prevented from putting in a higher offer because it does not want to risk triggering, what he called an “abusive and preclusive” break fee.“The general market reaction has been very critical of both the quantum and the structure of the (break) fee,” he said in an interview Thursday.“It is preclusive, highly unconventional and inconsistent . . . well beyond market practice and precedent transactions.”Love says Primaris unitholders should vote down the H&R deal, which would void the break fee.In the meantime, the KingSett group says it plans on purchasing up to five per cent of the Primaris units that were outstanding when it made its takeover proposal on Dec. 10, as permitted under securities laws.KingSett already holds nearly 6.9 million units, or seven per cent interest in Primaris.“Our takeover bid always contemplated that we would be permitted to make purchases in the market subject to, and in accordance with, security laws,” said Love.“We’re taking this step to potential purchases in the market as we continue to examine our options.”Primaris declined to comment on KingSett’s statement, but urged unitholders on Thursday to accept the H&R offer.For the deal to go ahead, it needs to be approved by two-thirds majority vote of Primaris unitholders and by a 50.1 per cent majority vote by H&R unitholders. The company is holding a meeting with unitholders in March.Kevin Chu, an analyst with independent equity firm Accountability Research Corp., said he thinks KingSett is trying to “make noise” to try to entice Primaris unitholders with hopes of of possibly a better deal if they reject the H&R bid.Chu said the consortium will also find themselves in a better negotiating position with other investors if it does purchase those additional units.“When it comes down to it, we don’t know if they are buying more (units) for sure. The intent is to do that,” he said. “If they can somehow convince one or two of the larger unit holders (to reject H&R)… then they’re really close.”KingSett is in a tough spot because the break fee is so “unconventional,” because it includes real estate holdings instead of just a financial penalty, he added.If it is triggered, KingSett has the potential to lose the Yonge Street properties and Dufferin Mall portfolios in Toronto, properties which are of value to its consortium partner RioCan.Although the Primaris properties currently have a 97 occupancy rate, most of them are not in major metropolitan areas, said Chu.Ten of the properties will also house U.S. retailer Target (NYSE:TGT) when the No. 2 discount retailer in the U.S. after Walmart opens its first wave of Canadian stores later this year.H&R units traded closed up 48 cents at $23.98 Thursday on the Toronto Stock Exchange, while Primaris units remained below H&R’s offer but hit a 52-week high of $27.31 following the KingSett announcement before closing at up 37 cents at $27.27. KingSett-led group says it will build stake in Primaris REIT if price is right read more

Central African Republic UN urges better security more resources to aid civilians

Since December 2012, violence and instability have displaced more than 700,000 people inside CAR and forced over 288,000 to flee to neighbouring Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo. The World Food Programme (WFP) warned that neighbouring countries are struggling to cope with the more than 150,000 new arrivals in urgent need of assistance.“We are facing a regional crisis that goes well beyond the borders of the Central African Republic. These people – most of them women and children – have seen their homes burned and witnessed unspeakable violence and had no choice but to leave,” said Denise Brown, WFP’s West Africa Regional Director.“They desperately need food and nutritional assistance and other support both inside CAR and in neighbouring countries. They need it now and they should not have to wait.”According to WFP, the exodus from CAR into fragile and food-insecure areas has intensified since December 2013, creating new strains on local communities. Many of the surrounding countries are already hosting large numbers of refugees from various countries and resources are stretched.WFP said it is concerned it cannot meet the needs of these extremely vulnerable people because of insufficient funding. The conflict in CAR erupted when mainly Muslim Séléka rebels launched attacks in December 2012 and has taken on increasingly sectarian overtones as mainly Christian militias known as anti-Balaka (anti-machete) have taken up arms.Thousands of people are believed to have been killed, and 2.2 million, about half the population, need humanitarian aid.The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported that more than 15,000 people in 18 locations in the north-west and south-west of the country are at present surrounded and being threatened by armed groups. “These populations are at very high risk of attack and urgently need better security,” UNHCR spokesperson Adrian Edwards told reporters in Geneva. “Although violence has hit all communities in CAR, most of the people who are trapped are Muslims under threat from anti-Balaka militiamen.”Highlighting reports of recent attacks, Mr. Edwards said UNHCR and its partners are responding to these situations through protection-by-presence, humanitarian assistance, advocacy for protection measures and in exceptional cases, through facilitating the movement of these communities to safe sites. “But humanitarian efforts alone cannot be sufficient solution to the crisis,” he stated. “We are appealing again to all armed elements to stop indiscriminate attacks against civilians. We are also calling for the deployment of more international troops as their numbers are far too low considering the size of the country and the scope of the crisis.”Last week Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon put forward a six-point initiative for addressing the most urgent priorities and needs in CAR, including more troops and police, increased efforts for the peace process, support for the Government, funding for humanitarian assistance and accountability. read more

Kevin Garnett Demanded Reggie Evans Stay With Brooklyn Nets

When Kevin Garnett was traded to the Brooklyn Nets from the Boston Celtics, part of the arrangement was for him to go to Brooklyn with teammates Paul Pierce and Jason Terry. What has recently become public knowledge is: Garnett also demanded that Reggie Evans remain on the Brooklyn roster so that they would play together.“I won’t go into specific details of what I was wanting and dislikes and everything else when it came to building the business of basketball,” Garnett said before the Nets beat the 76ers, 127-97, in Monday night’s preseason game at Wachovia Center. “But I will say this: One of the key things for me was not only Paul (Pierce) and ‘Jet’ (Jason Terry) coming here with me to make it comfortable, but Reggie Evans had to be on the roster. That was a huge key for me coming here.”Garnett really respects Evans’ work ethics on the court and according to Evans the two players really hit it off.“Me and KG, we’re just clicking,” Evans said. “We are just taking advantage of this moment, and taking advantage of it is winning a championship. Sometimes you’ve got to do the little stuff, always talking to each other, communicating with each other and stuff like that. Everything is a process and we are slowly getting to know each other on the court and off the court. Dapping each other up, all that stuff is coming natural. Ain’t nothing fake about it. It’s all just natural, which is good.”Garnett and Evans formed a bond that will benefit both players, especially Evans who’s getting the opportunity to get mentored by a Championship player. read more

Russell Westbrook Does Everything Fast For Better And For Worse

201453.312.1 201649.9%21.7% 201557.115.2 Source: Synergy Sports Given the aggressive way he challenges multiple defenders at once and the energy he expends in doing so, it’s not all that surprising that Westbrook’s turnover rate is spiking. At the same time, he’s scoring in transition just under 50 percent of the time, which is his lowest success rate on such plays since his rookie season in 2008.There’s also been a major shift in the kind of turnovers Westbrook has been committing since he took on an unprecedented share of his team’s offense in the absence of Durant. The share of his miscues that stem from losing the ball — as opposed to throwing a bad pass, for instance — has more than doubled this season, according to Basketball-Reference. (In fairness, fellow MVP candidate James Harden, who has also been asked to take on a far greater role in his team’s offense, has struggled with many of the same turnover issues.)Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.In Cleveland on Sunday, I asked Thunder coach Billy Donovan about Westbrook’s aggressive, coast-to-coast sprints, and Donovan said he’s careful to not try to change the player Westbrook is, especially considering how much his star is asked to facilitate on offense.“When he does make a mistake, or doesn’t make the right decision and it results in a turnover, nobody is harder on him than himself. So there’s a line for me: I don’t want to take away a guy who, in my opinion, is the best open-floor player in the world,” Donovan said before his team lost to the Cavaliers. “After he makes a mistake, he does a good job of regulating and pulling back so that he can make better decisions.”Westbrook, who’s faced questions for the majority of his career about whether he sometimes plays too fast, has said in the past that he doesn’t feel his play is out of control.“I don’t think I play reckless at all,” he said. “I just think I play at a high level that other people may not be used to seeing.” That much is almost impossible to disagree with.Kawhi Leonard’s little fundamentalsIt’s challenging to illustrate how good Kawhi Leonard is on defense with numbers alone, but one metric offers us a glimpse: How often his blocked shots end up in the Spurs’ hands as opposed to the other team’s. It happens way more often than it should.On average, defensive teams come up with the ball about 57 percent of the time after they block a shot. But San Antonio has gotten possession of the ball on 75 percent of Leonard’s blocks this season, the highest rate in the NBA among players with at least 25 swats, according to information from BigDataBall, a database that logs the league’s play-by-play data. (San Antonio is still somewhat above-average at recovering blocks if you take Leonard’s numbers out of the mix, but the Spurs’ 61 percent recovery rate without Leonard doesn’t stand out from the rest of the league nearly as much.)It’s unclear whether this speaks solely to Leonard’s ability to guide blocks with his oversized hands, or whether it’s more a function of the Spurs being in a good position to field the swats once they occur.In any case, Leonard had a great mentor for this sort of thing. Recently retired Spurs legend Tim Duncan saw his teammates recover almost 74 percent of his blocked shots last season, per BigDataBall; the highest rate of any NBA player with 70 blocks or more.Paul George, all of a sudden the NBA’s best free-throw shooterAcross the board, from his three-point stroke to his solid efficiency in the last four seconds of the shot clock, Paul George has improved considerably as a shooter this season. He has also become a surprisingly great free-throw shooter — he’s hitting almost 93 percent from the charity stripe and is leading the league in free-throw percentage.That might not seem all that surprising — after all, he shot 86 percent from the free-throw line last season. But the Pacers star was very slightly worse than league average from the line as a rookie, making 76 percent of his shots that year. If he keeps this up, George would be the first player in more than 45 years — and just the second player in NBA history after Chet Walker — to lead the NBA in free-throw percentage after shooting worse than league average from the stripe during his rookie season.The Memphis Grizzlies’ defense is just for kicksThe Grit ’n’ Grind Grizzlies have long been known for their tough, bruising style of old-school basketball. But at certain points over the years, Memphis looked like it was doing its best impression of a soccer team instead.The Grizzlies, fourth in the NBA with 35 kicked-ball violations, are on track to rank among the NBA’s top 10 in the category for the sixth time in nine seasons, according to rare-stat site NBA Miner. Leading the charge for the Grizzlies is Marc Gasol, who tops the league with 13 kicked-ball violations this season, per BigDataBall. Related: Hot Takedown 201353.315.0 201254.811.1 201054.815.1 Welcome to Four-Point Play, our weekly NBA column that pieces together four statistical trends from around the league and lays out what they tell us about where a team has been or where it’s heading. Find a stat you think should be included here? Email or tweet me at or @Herring_NBA.Is Russell Westbrook too fast for his own good?Between his freakish athleticism and the sheer fury with which he plays, Russell Westbrook — the closest thing we have to a human cannonball in pro sports — is the most entertaining player in the game today. Unlike smoother players like LeBron James or Chris Paul, who have a signature ebb and flow to their games, the Oklahoma City star is unpredictable from one play to the next. Because of his game-changing speed — when going full bore, he’s one of the NBA’s five fastest players, according to the league’s high-level tracking data — Westbrook’s capable of making plays that most other athletes can only dream of pulling off.More often than not, though, when Westbrook’s talent backfires, it’s because he’s trying too hard to make something happen, particularly when he’s outnumbered during fast-break situations.Oklahoma City, after forcing a live-ball turnover, is finishing its possessions in just over eight seconds on average, which is by far the fastest rate in the league, according to Inpredictable, a site that specializes in calculating win probabilities and other advanced sports metrics. Westbrook, as the team’s point guard and best player, is an enormous part of that speed. But the quick trips down the court aren’t necessarily paying off: As of Wednesday afternoon, the Thunder were tied for the second-worst efficiency after live-ball turnovers. That’s a steep drop-off from last year, when Kevin Durant was still in Oklahoma City and the club had the NBA’s eighth-best offense in those scenarios.Perhaps Westbrook’s speed-demon tendencies have something to do with that inefficiency.In transition, Westbrook’s reliance on his speed means he’ll often experience the same dichotomy as Sonic the Hedgehog: He either sprints triumphantly across the finish line or crashes painfully into an obstruction, losing all his golden rings.Video Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume.Westbrook is involved in an NBA-high seven transition plays per game. And according to an analysis run at FiveThirtyEight’s request by Brittni Donaldson of SportVU, which tracks nearly everything that happens on an NBA court, there have been 413 instances1As of January 29. this season where, following a turnover or a defensive rebound in the backcourt, Westbrook took at least three dribbles and covered at least 20 feet with those dribbles. For context, John Wall, the next closest player, has done that 257 times. 200847.215.7 201154.515.5 SEASONSCORETURNOVER 200954.113.2 Outcomes of Russell Westbrook possessions when in transition Is College Basketball Broken? We Asked The Game’s Top Stats Guru Of course, there are practical reasons for a team like Memphis — which has also ranked among the top 10 on the defensive end of the floor for six of the past seven seasons — to kick the basketball. At a minimum, it forces a team to reset its offense with less time remaining on the shot clock. And at a maximum, it prevents an opposing player from catching an interior pass in a prime scoring area. (We’ve seen Tony Allen accidentally go a bit too far defending with his feet before.)That said, it’s more fun to try to connect the dots between Gasol’s kicked-ball violations and Gasol’s love for soccer. He hails from Spain, and he is an FC Barcelona fan. Plus, who could forget the time he nearly headed the basketball into the hoop during a pause in the action?Additional research assistance by Neil Paine.Check out our latest NBA predictions. read more

16 reasons everyone was mad for 1990s girl magazines

first_imgLAVA LAMPS, GLOW in the dark stars, chokers, hair mascara, oh my!Being a girl in the 90s was brilliant. Girl Power was riding high in the charts, everyone was wearing rip-away tracksuit bottoms, and all the boys were rocking Sun-In tips. Not to mention the amazing magazines on offer.We’re talking about magazines like Mizz, Bliss, Sugar, Shout, My Guy, Just Seventeen (later J17), Smash Hits, Top of the Pops and the scandalous More. Here’s our love letter to the art form that was the girly mag.1. Lyrics booksYoung ones these days don’t know they’re born. Google the lyrics to your favourite song? It was either hovering over your family stereo frantically rewinding the tape – or buying a Top of Pops magazine and getting a lyrics book. Magical. Source: eBay Source: eBay2. PostersEither purpose-designed posters from Smash Hits or carefully cut out pages from magazine interviews with your flavour of the month. Worth every painstaking effort to cut a straight line with the kitchen scissors. Source: eBay Source: eBay3. Problem pagesOh, sweet nectar. The horrifying problems of others, laid bare, to make you feel oh-so-much better about your own teenage anxieties and worries. All your fears, assuaged by the kindly voice of an agony aunt. Source: eBay4. The weird slangBecause teen magazines were an import from the UK, they contained all sorts of weird and wonderful slang that we didn’t have in Ireland. Things like “snog” and “lush”. Or even “fit”. And what about “boyf” or “preggers”? We definitely got them from Just Seventeen/J17. Source: anlimara5. Serialised booksIn the later 90s, some magazines started serialising fiction – ensuring you just HAD to buy the mag every time it came out. A cunning plan. Diary of a Crush from J17 was one we remember particularly well. Source: sheknownasjess.blogspot,com6. Cringe confessionsTeen magazines obviously realised at a certain point that people were only reading the problem pages to feel better about themselves – so they took it one stage further, giving you weekly “cringe confessions”. Embarrassing incidents were relayed in stomach-churning detail, then given a cringe rating. Glorious. Source: eBay7. True lifeNot to mention true life essays – bringing you “The Issues” in a digestible story format. So obviously made up, but so compelling. Source: Pinterest8. StickersSmash Hits were always good for the cheeky sticker sheets. Anyone remember the “The Truth Is Out There” set? One member had that affixed to their bunkbed for quite a long time. Source: eBid9. Make-up and fashion tutorialsMizz and Sugar were the business. They showed you how to perfectly apply the pointless (but utterly 90s) cosmetic that was Natural Collection clear mascara. They had you at “10 ways to wear glitter”. Source: Painted PoutsAnd what about the dodgy 90s fashion pages? Replete with brands you had never heard of, but pined after whole-heartedly anyway. Tammy, anyone? Source: TruffleShuffle10. Free stuffGlittery nail varnish! Weird hair swirls! A free CD? Oh Bliss, oh Mizz – you are truly spoiling us. The sort of free tat you might get with your Sugar or Mizz Source: eBay Source: Pinterest11. InterviewsInterviews were just more compelling in 90s magazines, not least because they were one of the only sources of information on your idols. It really felt like you were getting some sort of juicy info, not to mention the style was a lot more casual and irreverent. Also, who can forget that Smash Hits actually NAMED the Spice Girls? Source: eBay12. Poring over them with matesOne of the best parts of magazines was reading them with friends, waiting til everyone was finished til you could turn the page, swapping around different issues during lunchbreak. Source: Who’s Dated Who?13. CollectingAnd you HAD to keep them. Who were you, really, if you didn’t have a few well-thumbed copies of Sugar, Mizz and one contraband More in your collection? Source: Pinterest14. Graduating through the titlesYou went from Mizz, to Sugar, to Bliss, to Just Seventeen. From Top of the Pops to Smash Hits – everyone had a rite of passage during puberty when they “graduated” on to the magazine for the slightly older kids. And OF COURSE you always wanted to be one step ahead, reading More magazine when you were really more in line for Shout. Source: Nigel May Source: Nigel May15. Scandalous informationSpeaking of More magazine – Position of the Fortnight? May as well have been a blue film for the palpitations it induced. Just IMAGINE if your mam had seen? Doesn’t bear thinking about. Source: pi-young.com16. How the other half liveAnd, of course, fellas. We haven’t forgotten about you. We’re well aware that girls’ magazines weren’t just read by the girls – but frequently snaffled, devoured and enjoyed just as much by the boys too. Just call it morbid curiosity. Source: eBayWhat were your favourite magazines in the 90s? Did you sneak More or were you more of a Mizz? Let us know in the comments. Read: 19 things that made 1990s pop magazines life-changing>Read: 9 reaons why teen magazines for girls ruled>last_img read more

Concerns raised over difference in number of racist incidents recorded by Gardaí

first_imgUpdated 10.55pmTHE IMMIGRANT COUNCIL of Ireland (ICI) called earlier today for a review of how racist incidents are recorded by An Garda Síochána.The organisation believes ‘a lot of racism is going unreported’, noting that the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) record as many as 700 per cent more reports than Gardaí.In 2009, 1038 incidents were recorded the PSNI, compared to 128 by Gardaí.However, this is not due to a history of sectarianism in Northern Ireland, the ICI say, which are not included in these figures.“The history of sectarian incidents in Northern Ireland does not account for this disparity as such crimes are recorded separately,” Chief Executive Denise Charlton said.The figures do support previous research by the Immigrant Council of Ireland that racism in Ireland is going unreported, with victims reluctant to come forward because of fears they will be regarded as troublemakers, that their complaint will not be taken serious or because of previous experience with corrupt police forces in their country of birth.The ICI are have repeated their call for the introduction of an independent system of reporting incidents of racism.They envision that this would allow victims to come forward “with confidence and be assured that they will be offered support and advice”.The PSNI offer an online reporting system for incidents of racism.Figures for the Republic of Ireland are available on, while for Northern Ireland they are available on First published 8.51amRead: Social welfare garda checks must not involve racial profiling >More: 50 racist incidents reported in 10 weeks to Immigrant Council >last_img read more

British MPs have voted against a nodeal Brexit So what now

first_img 109,657 Views That this House declines to approve leaving the European Union without a Withdrawal Agreement and a Framework for the Future Relationship on 29 March 2019; and notes that leaving without a deal remains the default in UK and EU law unless this House and the EU ratify an agreement.However, during tonight’s events, MPs also voted for a ‘no no-deal ever’ amendment as put down by Caroline Spelman. Its aim was to rule out a no-deal Brexit at any time rather than just up until 29 March, as Theresa May had proposed.A total of 312 voted for it – ie to entirely reject a no-deal at any time now or in the future – while 308 voted against the amendment. That vote was essentially repeated as May’s main motion was altered to reflect the Spelman amendment. To add to the confusion of the evening, Spelman tried to pull her amendment but other signatories to it wanted it to be pushed and voted on. She said she wanted to stop the vote after it was clear the two main parties would “put their weight behind a no to ‘no deal’ amendment – the government motion”. She told BBC News that it would send “a very strong signal of the parties coming together in the national interest to make a clear statement that we do not want to crash out without a deal”.In the end, it was voted on and MPs did completely reject a no-deal Brexit in any circumstances. It was not the way that May intended the evening to play out. Taking ‘no deal’ off the table entirely (politically, even if it can’t be take off the table in actuality) was not part of the UK’s negotiating plan. In the end, it is understood the Prime Minister voted against her own motion because of that amendment and there was some confusion over who in her party was whipped, and in what way. A number of Cabinet ministers are said to have abstained.  The government had tried to whip its members but the final numbers show that a  significant cohort of 17 Tory MPs would have voted against the wishes of their party.  Share18 Tweet Email2 145 Comments Source: PA Wire/PA ImagesTHE HOUSE OF Commons has voted against a no-deal Brexit with 321 MPs rejecting leaving the European Union without an agreement at any time. After a chaotic evening in Westminster, 278 voted against the motion which aims to rule out a no-deal Brexit in any circumstances.  The Prime Minister’s motion had an amendment attached to it because of an earlier vote in the house. The initial motion read: By Sinead O’Carroll Wednesday 13 Mar 2019, 7:59 PM 321 versus 278. Parliament votes to reject No Deal by a majority of 43. Chaos. Parliament in the driving seat now. Cabinet discipline completely collapsed— Beth Rigby (@BethRigby) March 13, 2019 center_img British MPs have voted against a no-deal Brexit. So, what now? Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier said today that one of the current risks is an ‘accidental no-deal Brexit’. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article As the clock ticks down, get all the best Brexit news and analysis in your inbox: A third voteThe so-called Malthouse B Compromise was also voted on but roundly rejected – with 164 politicians voting for it and 374 against. The motion asked for a delay until 22 May to prepare for a no-deal Brexit. The amendment detailed how the British government should ask the EU for a ‘standstill pay-as-you-go’ arrangement until end-2021 at the latest, during which a future relationship would be carved out. So what happens now?Tomorrow, the House of Commons will hold another vote. MPs will be asked whether they want to vote to request an extension to Article 50 from the European Union which would see Brexit delayed.If passed, the UK would not leave the EU on the 29 March but May said the motion will ask politicians to vote on a ‘short, limited, technical’ extension to Article 50. However, it would have to ask the EU if it could do so. The EU has said it would be amenable to such a move – but it would need to know what the UK’s plan would be. The motion proposes an extension until 30 June, a day before the new EU parliament will sit. May said that to get such an extension, there would have to be a deal in place, and that the only deal on offer is the current Withdrawal Agreement. The Prime Minister said that parliament needs to accept that the only other option open to them if that motion is rejected is to opt for a much longer extension.As noted today by chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier, one of the current risks is an ‘accidental no-deal Brexit’.  Source: Beth Rigby/Twitter Short URL Mar 13th 2019, 7:59 PM last_img read more

Quels sont les dangers de la bactérie Abri présente dans les hôpitaux

first_imgQuels sont les dangers de la bactérie Abri présente dans les hôpitaux ? Une bactérie Acinetobacter baumannii  “multirésistante” aux antibiotiques, se développe de manière préoccupante depuis quelques années dans les services de réanimation et de grands brûlés. Selon une étude du Bulletin épidémiologique hebdomadaire (BEH) publiée par l’Institut de veille sanitaire (INVS), la bactérie ABRI (pour “Acinetobacter baumannii résistante à l’imipénème”) se développe de façon préoccupante. Bien qu’elle ne soit impliquée que dans 343 cas sur les 10.288 infections nosocomiales (SIN) recensées entre août 2001 et mai 2011, elle est néanmoins “en très nette augmentation”. À lire aussiDengue : symptômes, traitement, prévention, où en est-on ?Elle constituait en effet 2 à 3% de l’ensemble des SIN entre 2003 et 2008 mais 3,2% de celles-ci en 2009, 5,1% en 2010 puis 11,1% pour les cinq premiers mois de 2011. La bactérie ABRI a ainsi été retrouvée sur un total de 1.028 patients entre 2001 et 2011, dont 172 sont décédés, ce qui représente un taux de mortalité brute de 17%, précise le BEH. Elle est principalement présente dans les infections respiratoires (37 %), les septicémies (18,9 %) ou les infections urinaires (12,6 %) et touche notamment les patients en réanimation, les immunodéprimés ou les grands brûlés.”Les données [ … ] confirment l’importance et l’augmentation des infections ou colonisation à ABRI [ … ]. Elles soulignent que la résistance aux antibiotiques est un problème de santé publique qui ne se limite pas à quelques micro-organismes” relève le BEH relayé par l’AFP. Celui-ci souligne également que “l’émergence” de cette bactérie résistante a été rapportée au niveau européen. “Une vigilance renforcée sur les ABRI paraît donc nécessaire à l’avenir et doit impliquer tous les partenaires concernés”.Bien que le pouvoir pathogène d’AB soit normalement “faible”, la bactérie peut toutefois provoquer des “infections sévères” chez des “patients fragilisés”, précise l’étude de l’INVS. Mais les mesures de précaution à prendre restent classiques : lavage des mains, nettoyage soigneux des surfaces, mise en place de protocoles d’isolement, dépistage systématique des patients porteurs et signalisation lorsqu’ils sont transférés, ajoute le BEH.Le 25 juillet 2012 à 17:40 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Saayii Tolof Part 354 EPISODE 28 Difficult Marriages – Yaaye Ju

first_imgMama Aiye   She visited Uncle Hamadi and debriefed him about the situation of Efy’ marriage. “Ted lives at the Estate when you reach there you cannot miss his house his name is written in bold letters (Ted’ Estuary). He needs to see a fatherly figure to take us seriously.” She wanted to give him fare as town trip but Uncle Hamadi hesitated;Uncle Hamadi “You said he threatened you with gun what make you believe he’ll not do the same with me a poor wretched farmer? These heroin addicted boys have no respect or shame to embarrass anyone not to say someone below their class had Eku agreed to come with me I’ll be embolden but without his company I am helpless am sorry I cannot meet Ted.”Mama Aiye “But you did not refuse the brown envelop then what is your use of being a surrogate father you want the ‘akara’ and not the ‘kani’? I’ll handle it alone.” She left in a rage cursing Uncle Hamadi’ opportunism and cowardice.Uncle Hamadi “Do you want me to kill myself for the two of you? His father rejected the marriage who am I to risk my life for it? I don’t care you can say anything but I’ll never face that rude, ill-mannered chap after all I am just an uncle not a father and more or less my elder brother is still alive.”Bimbo She was inside and she heard everything as just human being she confronted her dad; “Excuse me dad what you have done is not right you did not reject the brown envelop you should have been honest enough to go to Ted and confront him; my Uncle Eku is principled and not an opportunist he rejected Ted as well as his money therefore you who partake in the booty should have given Efy and Mama Aiye solidarity in their time of need.”Uncle Hamadi He threw his shoes at his daughter and she dodged them; “Am I your mate? Should you disrespect me like this? I am the sole parent who brought you up when I lost your mother when you were two years I refuse to remarry until you are old enough to take care of yourself and now that you are grown up you treat me as trash? I’ll not accept any more rudeness from you my sisters are angry that you were not given to them to train you but I’ll now train you with iron fist.”Bimbo    “I am very sorry dad but that is the truth and I don’t know how to say it without hurting you but that is not my intention I was just blunt calling spade a spade.” She stooped and beg for forgiveness.Uncle Hamadi When Bimbo left his conscience beat him; “Why am I angry with my daughter? She was just saying the truth from hence forth I’ll be very careful in accepting money from questionable sources.”At Home Mama Aiye She was crossed with everything swearing and cursing Ted; “Ted has made me a laughing stock where have I done wrong? I wanted good life for my only daughter and did not want her to commit the same mistake as me in marrying into poverty and forgoing my fortune from rich suitors who are now doing well in life.”Papa Eku “I am not rich but I wisely manage the resources God bless me with; I did not envy your rich suitors because I do not know how they’ve acquire their wealth I only pray not as your in-law Ted who have the world but loss his soul our daughter was hungry, thirsty, not cloth and in the process lost what is most available to a human being her pride, dignity, self-esteem and self–respect she regretted the marriage but is now trap dealing with the Law of Khmer and Nemesis the twin sisters she told Ted that her father was right to reject him and that her house never lack fish money even though Ted describe it as poverty stricken house. You are shameless but it is the ‘tainye’ that you see the ‘enn’ is on the way; I share what I have gave you my gratuity to start a village business but you squandered it and I’ve never lay a finger on you since our 30 years of marriage. You gave me one grain child, a daughter but I never question God and my family pressurized me to remarry for more children and in the process have a son but I rejected it what did they end up saying that you use black assurance on me but I don’t blame you I blame myself.” Papa went out to his village vous to play draught.Efy She is very frustrated and angry with her mother for misleading her to marry Ted she came out wearing a seductive dress just to provoke her parents with a suitcase she stood in front of her mother;Mama Aiye “Efy! Where are you going to wearing such a dress like a whore? Didn’t you realize you are still in the village where such clothes are abhor?”Efy “Yes mother I know I am in defiance I am going back to my matrimonial house and damn the consequences.”Mama Aiye “Matrimonial house! What matrimonial house? That is a dead house and I’ll be damn to allow my only daughter commit suicide. That is not a husband but a heroin junky he’ll kill you he took out a gun for me not to talk about you; Ted is not the only man on earth you are beautiful God will send another rich and responsible man just bear for a while.”Efy   She ‘exploded’; “Here you talk greedy woman! Didn’t you find out who Ted was before pushing me to him? You destroy a noble relationship and destroyed my marriage to my God send husband Tunde who did everything for us as dad and Bimbo rightly said the twin sisters Law of Khmer and nemesis have finally paid us a visit I never understand until now.” To be Cont.last_img read more