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A small study published Tuesday found that people are more stressed out when there is the possibility they will experience discomfort as opposed to when they knew for sure something bad is coming. Eno, Australia Italy Germany Poland Ukraine and Russia Its the sequel to a similar cyberattack that hit thousands of computers in May Paddington Bear creator dies at 91 Michael Bond who created the beloved character Paddington Bear has died at 91 after a brief illness according to the Associated Press The lovable boots-wearing bear with the red hat captivated childrens hearts in books before he came to life on the big screen Also: Two new cases of human plague have been confirmed in New Mexico Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki’s home burned down in a California wildfire More than 2 billion people now use Facebook each month the social media giant said Americas pets are getting much fatter new research has found The Morning Brief is published Mondays through Fridays Email Morning Brief writer Melissa Chan at [email protected] Contact us at [email protected] weekend Indias Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched three social security schemes aimed at helping the people of West Bengal gain access to pensions and insurance Earlier Modi also launched a program to provide every Indian citizen with a bank account in a bid to promote financial management especially amongst the poor and to modernize payment methods for workers Social security though not novel is still an underdeveloped concept for a country where at least 30% of the population continues to live in poverty and where old age is often accompanied by extreme destitution for many The current program covers only a small portion of the population and is primarily employer driven limiting its scope to help the vast majority of people While Modis plans to create a bigger safety net for more citizens are still in their infancy they could be a harbinger of an important change for the Indian workforce one that can enhance the skill level of labor enable entrepreneurship increase consumption and propel Indian commerce to new heights The concept of course has a successful precedent in the US When President Franklin Roosevelt created social security in 1935 his landmark action arguably changed the course of American history by freeing Americans to aim for higher education innovate and take entrepreneurial risk instead of worrying about their welfare when they grew old That spirit of risk-taking has been instrumental in creating Americas technology boom and boosting its economic power over the decades The same could happen in India if Modi succeeds in widening the scope of the nations social security program It might even be crucial One of the highest areas of growth for the Indian economy has been its Information Technology sector which accounts for 7% of GDP grew at a compound annual growth rate of 25% from 2000-2013 and is creating new jobs at a rapid clip But the industry may be slowing down driven by international competition from companies such as Google and Microsoft due to a lack of innovation according to forecasts by Indian trade association IBEF and Livemint a sister publication of the Hindustan Times While half of Indias population is under 21 creating a fertile labor pool for the future a large rural population (68%) and poverty could hold the country back in being able to realize its potential unless its people are freed from a hand-to-mouth existence For example a lack of options and financial necessity still keep almost 50% of workers stuck in the agricultural sector most of whom have no social security whatsoever while what is needed is a shift of the workforce towards more skilled jobs such as in IT or the equally emergent and large healthcare sector A robust social safety net could well give such people the courage to migrate towards urban areas and pursue higher education and knowledge-based jobs In addition social security will add to the Indian economy through increased consumption which is important in a nation where the per capita income is only about $1500 according to the World Bank Once again there is a striking parallel to justify this assumption According to a report by the AARP social security adds about $1 trillion to the US economy every year mainly through consumption Much of the attention surrounding Modis economic plans has focused on the Indian governments opening up of its markets to foreign investment and lowering barriers to trade but more subtle initiatives like social security will also play an important role in helping the Indian economy become the powerhouse that the Modi administration has promised it can be and which the international investment community is hoping for Kumar has worked at leading US investment banks in technology media and telecom mergers and acquisitions He has also served as a strategic consultant to media companies and hedge funds He has an MBA from Columbia Business School and has lived in India Contact us at [email protected] isn’t the only emotion that can help you stay healthy as you age How excited amused proud strong and cheerful you feel on a regular basis matters too In a new study people who experienced the widest range of positive emotions had the lowest levels of inflammation throughout their bodies Lower inflammation may translate to a reduced risk of diseases like diabetes and heart diseasePast research has shown that positive emotions may have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body but the new study published in the journal Emotion looks at whether the range and variety of those feelings play a role as well Evolution suggests that they would; drawing on the evolutionary advantages of ecosystems with plenty of biodiversity researchers from the United States and Germany wondered if similar perks may exist for variety within the human emotional experience Such a range may improve physical and mental health by “preventing an overabundance or prolonging of any one emotion from dominating an individuals’ emotional life" they writeHappiness GuideThese States Are the Happiest and HealthiestTIME HealthGet the latest health and science news plus: burning questions and expert tips ViewSampleThe researchers asked 175 middle-age adults to keep a daily log of their emotional experiences for a month by recording how often and how strongly they experienced each of 32 different emotions: 16 positive (like being enthusiastic interested and at ease) and 16 negative (such as being scared upset jittery and tired) Six months later scientists tested their blood samples for markers of systemic inflammation a known risk factor for many chronic health conditions and for early deathOverall people who reported a wide range of positive emotions on a day-to-day basis had less inflammation than people who reported a smaller range—even if their overall frequencies of positive emotions were similar That was true even after researchers controlled for traits like extraversion and neuroticism body mass index medication use medical conditions and demographics (Surprisingly a similar effect was not observed for the other end of the spectrum It didn’t seem to matter for inflammation whether people regularly experienced many or only a few variations of negative emotions)MORE: Why Do People CryLead author Anthony Ong professor of human development at Cornell University suspects that people may be able to maximize these benefits by more closely examining their emotions “When it comes to infusing more diverse positive emotions into our lives it may turn out to be a simple daily practice of labeling and categorizing positive emotions in discrete terms” he says “Pay attention to your inner emotions and be able to mentally recognize situations that make you feel calm versus say excited”Despite efforts to control for outside factors Ong acknowledges that there may be unforeseen reasons why people with a smaller range of positive emotions may have higher inflammation The study was not able to show a cause-and-effect relationship or even the direction of the association “It could also be that people with higher inflammation for some reason may be the ones who tend to report lower levels of positive emotional diversity” Ong says More research is needed but this study strengthens the link between many kinds of happiness and better healthPresident Obama ordered US military reinforcements to Iraq last week The additional 475 troops will push the total helping the Iraqis battle jihadist militants to about 1600 Thats 1% of the 160000 US troops in Iraq in 2008 at the peak of the US deployment for the 2003-2011 war So it’s a relatively tiny force But just what are these troops doing More importantly what are they not doing The Pentagon insists that theyre not going to engage in ground combat against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Theyve spent much of the last three monthsthe first 300 advisers began arriving in Iraq in late Juneassessing the strengths and weaknesses of the Iraqi army and the Kurdish peshmerga forces in the semi-autonomous north of the country ISIS militants steamrolled over Iraqi forces earlier this year culminating in their seizure of Mosul Iraqs second-largest city The US advisers also are coordinating surveillance flights over ISIS targets in Iraq and Syria and coordinating the growing US military footprint inside Iraq As the assessment phase ends about a dozen teams of 12 US military personnel each are embedding with the headquarters of brigade-sized and larger Iraqi unitsoutfits with thousands of troops Their goal is to advise and assist the Iraqis on how to best battle ISIS Assigning them to higher headquarters units is designed to keep the Americans away from the front lines and out of harm’s way "What we’re starting to see now thanks in part to the assistance not only that the United States has given but other countries we’re starting to see the Iraqi security forces meld and form into much more capable fighting force than they were" Rear Admiral John Kirby the Pentagon spokesman said Friday But as the number of troops increases their roles will expand Army General Martin Dempsey chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff told reporters in July "We will match the resources we apply with the authorities and responsibilities that go with them based on the mission we undertake" he said "and that is to be determined" The Obama Administration has taken pains to explain that "no boots on the ground" inside Iraq actually means "no boots on the ground engaged in combat" inside the country The line begins to blur when it comes to missions like calling in US airstrikes Many such attacks are best directed by someone on the ground near the target ideally by a fellow American fluent in language lingo and lethality But its not as important as it used to be David Deptula a retired Air Force lieutenant general who ran the air war over Afghanistan in its early days says the aircraft now flying over Iraq and Syria are far more advanced than earlier models "If youre trying to halt the movement of ISIS forces you don’t need somebody on the ground to tell you where they are" he says "Any combat aircraft can now observe the battlespace and can find fix and engage in real time Aircraft todayeven though they go by the same names as in 1991s Gulf Warare many times more capable because of advances in intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities communications capability and the ability to network and share information" But US special operators are valuable in this kind of fight Ford Sypher deployed three times to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan as a team leader with the Armys storied 75th Ranger Regiment between 2006 and 2010 He thinks he saw US troops in action on the ground in northern Iraqi town of Zumar earlier this month: Multiple armored Toyotas swept down the mountain passing within feet of us The Toyotas were packed with what appeared to be bearded Western Special Operations Forces I watched the trucks pass and saw for myself the crews inside them They didnt wear any identifying insignia but they were visibly Western and appeared to match all the visual characteristics of American special operations soldiers Contacts in the Kurdish intelligence service and Peshmerga leadership confirmed what we saw `Yes one commander replied to our questions `German and American forces are on the ground here They are helping to support us in the attack . 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