GM India Showcases Quirky Range Extended EV Concept

Audi To Flood Frankfurt Stage With Electric Concepts Pininfarina Shows Pair Of Range-Extended Concepts With Micro Turbines Honda Promises More Retro Electric Concepts Soon Author Liberty Access TechnologiesPosted on October 10, 2018Categories Electric Vehicle News Range Extended Electric Vehicle concept shown to kick off the REEV engineering student contestThis week at FISITA 2018, General Motors Technical Center India (GM TC-I) and SAE India Bangalore unveiled a prototype range extended electric vehicle.The vehicle doesn’t have a formal name, it is just an REEV Concept. But the goal of developing the vehicle was to prepare future engineers and GM TC-I for it’s future role in GM’s “zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion” future.More Electric Vehicle Concepts Source: Electric Vehicle News The announcement of the prototype pairs with the launch of the SAE India REEV student contest. Students that participate are given the task of designing a safe, reliable “urban mobility” vehicle. Those participating will gain not only EV development experience. They will also earn a better understanding of the “vehicle development process used by OEMs.”So what does General Motors have in mind for the REEV?The Chevy Bolt EV signaled the first step towards a “zero emissions future.” Based on recent statements from Mary Barra, plug-in hybrids such as the Chevy Volt will play a much smaller role in the future. So the decision to focus the contest on a range extended electric vehicle is interesting, especially after BMW just nixed the i3 REx in Europe.But unlike the BMW i3, this concept does not necessarily signal a range extended EV that is in the works. Instead, it is more concerned about preparing students for future engineering challenges. Therefore, a REEV platform gives them the experience they need to bridge traditional and future vehicle technologies.Dan Nicholson, GM Vice President of Global Propulsion Systems said:The world-class engineering capability we have at [our GM Technical Center] in Bangalore, India, is playing a significant role in GM delivering its commitment to create a world with zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.I am extremely proud of our team of talented designers and engineers at GMTC-I who developed the Range Extended Electric Vehicle prototype.According to Brian McMurray at GM Technical Centre-India:REEV  focuses on developing engineers of tomorrow who will bring about revolutionary solutions to urban mobility. REEV will steer, evaluate and direct the competition in a manner to uphold this purpose.Want to watch the project develop in a time lapse video? Click the video above.Interested in the 65 page technical instructions of the competition? Check out the PDF file below:Click here to view full technical instructions for REEV contest.Source: SAEIndia REEV, Medium read more