UEFA ponders delaying England Euro Cup to 2022

first_imgThe expansion of the coronarivus By European territory it has brought important consequences in the world of soccer. One of the most prominent is the suspension of the European Championship that he planned to play in less than 100 days in various countries of the old continent. The UEFA decided to delay its start 12 months. Europe’s most important national team tournament will kick off a year later than planned. This decision may seriously alter holding another UEFA tournament: England Women’s Eurocup. In 2021, the women’s tournament was scheduled for July 7 to August 1. What is the problem? That now the men’s Euro Cup steps on the women’s. There would be four days (from July 7 to 11) in which the two would compete at the same time. What’s more, in the same country. The semifinals and the final of the Eurocup for boys are played entirely in London. The women’s Euro kicks off on July 7 in Manchester at the legendary Old Trafford Stadium. A few kilometers from the boys’ semifinals and final. Some voices already say that this coincidence will eclipse the women’s competition, which has been on the rise in recent years. The success that the World Cup in France had last summer was already seen. To avoid this coincidence, UEFA would be considering two solutions. The first is to delay the start of the Women’s Euro Cup for a few days. The other, which sounds louder, would be to take it to the summer of 2022. And it is that on that date no major championship is planned, since the Qatar World Cup is held in winter. Thus the Women’s Eurocup would take all the focus of attention, waiting to know what happens with the Men’s Club World Cup.If so, women’s football would go two years without having any official championship (2020 and 2021) and then it would have two followed by Eurocup and World Cup (2022 and 2013). The federations, including the RFEF, are awaiting the UEFA resolution, which all they have said is that “it will be rescheduled accordingly.” Spain is one step away from obtaining the ticket for said continental tournament. Whether in 2021 or 2022, Vilda’s will fight to be one of the best on the continent.last_img read more