Health will decide the teams’ return date

first_imgEI Ministry of Health will be on last instance, who will decide when athletes can return to training. As part of the process, the CSD has sent him his draft health protocol, but the department of Salvador Illa will mark the dates. This was agreed yesterday, at its third meeting, the Task Force for the Promotion of Sport (GTID), in which LaLiga, RFEF, AFE, COE, ACBE and various federations, associations and companies participate. “The return to activity strictly follow conditioned to the government criteria“The CSD said in a statement. And Health insists that it will not change the criteria: they should only be do test low medical prescription and based on the established criteria. Based on this, if the LaLiga plan was to start training in the week between May 4 and 10, possibly we have to wait a bit more.At resumption plan of the professional and federated sport provided by the GTID, were contemplated three scenarios: the first and most ambitious, to return to training andl April 27; the second, May 11; and the third, the most pessimistic, set the return to activity for the May 18 or 25.At protocol Emphasis is placed on “the benefits of gradual opening measures” in political terms: the normalization of daily life (see television competitions), the reputation of Spain and its international representation (the results of the athletes) and the economy (soccer accounts for 1.4% of GDP and 185,000 jobs). It is pointed to soccer like “the lsports engine“ However, when it comes to professional football, aspects have transcended of the plan to reactivate the competition: test (which would begin on Tuesday 28), training in various phases (individual, small groups, large groups …), isolation, games without an audience … But they are many players and technicians who have stated that, in addition to sports estates, they want listen to Health, For this reason, we also work to resolve all your concerns and convey confidence.While the club doctors They already have been informed of all protocols and that the day 28 will start to get tested. That is why the teams were urged to make lists of the people who will submit to them.With all that on the table, entities work for be ready when the go-ahead comes and you can train. The BarcaFor example, already have the plan than will deliver to the players with a series of guidelines for return to work: a personal interview, fat measurements, a coronavirus test, a sprint and running test and a strength test.By all the LaLiga plan to start the phase 1 of training in first days of may still in the air, although he manages his own sanitary protocol to return. But the date will be marked by health authorities.last_img read more