Cultural – Athletic | History in León

first_imgAt the time when the cencellada began to fall that would wake Leon the next day, with bare trees mottled with ice on the Bernesga River, Simeone undressed in the Kingdom of León. Nothing was left on the bench. He dated the best he had more Manu Sánchez, the only one in the quarry. Simeone had read Barça’s warning from Ibiza. Opposite, Aira raised a mirror: the Cultural with her know how to play folded but aggressive in running. He sought to repeat the Huesca, the coat for later, Dioni and Kawaya, and the green face B. He went with heroes: Lucas, substitute goalkeeper, Sergio Benito, forward.It all started as the difference in categories established. The First, João Félix sent as false ‘9’ and freedom of movement. An in-depth pass to Vitolo was the first ‘uy’ of the game. The Cultural did not know how to mark them. Neither they nor Correa. The shot of the Canary crossed too much, Correa could not get over that pass, Atlético dominated without sweating. The waiting for the refolded Cultural never ended in theft, Sergio Benito did not get a ball. The only thing in Aira’s favor was time, which continued to happen in the 0-0. In the stands, exchange of songs. Thirteen thousand with the ‘Cultural’ to the rhythm of Magín’s hype, a corner of red and white Leon with ‘Ole, ole, ole”:It was after a thread from Herrera that Lucas took off with the toe of the glove that everything changed forever. As if João’s legs had soon begun to freeze in the cold that fell on the Kingdom, a stadium accustomed to winter. He no longer found Vitolo, nor Correa, no one was able to have a good time. The field was extended, the Cultu Adam approached a corner, with intensity in the clash and many people in the aids. Simeone kicked invisible balls in a technical area that seemed to diminish every minute. The break came where Aira wanted. In the 0-0. Ahead, 45 minutes of possibilities for Second B and darkness climbing through the rojiblancos bodies like fear. Ibiza, Albacete. The second part began with an anger of Cholo. He followed his imprecise team and that which had sheltered his center of the field with the entrance of Thomas. The Cultural, very supportive in helping with a commander, the Argentinean Gudiño. “Yes, you can,” shouted the Kingdom as Sergio Benito nodded a corner a span above Adam’s goal and Lucas pulled Vitolo a hand under Oblak’s. Aira got gunpowder, Kawaya. Simeone left for history a change in Leon: Saponjic debuted. Two minutes later, João Félix rubbed his boot again to remove the frost and look for Correa with another filtered pass. The Argentine finished off first to blow the black at night. He stayed with Griezmann’s cape. ChangesThomas (45 ‘, Héctor Herrera), Kawaya (58 ‘, Augusto Galvan), Ivan Saponjic (59 ‘, Vitolo), Dionisio (69 ‘, Luque), Sergio Marcos (80 ‘, Aitor), Alfonso (92 ‘, Antonio Martínez), Sergio Camello (98 ‘, Marcos Llorente), Rodrigo Riquelme (101 ‘, Strap) Aira gave the last half hour to his best scorer Dioni, as before Huesca, to look heroic and found her in the corners. Simeone gave him all the meters. Gudiño forced them, Kawaya threw them, Castañeda took him to the net. There were six minutes left until the Cultural hurried in. The match broke. Lucas stopped before Saponjic, Adam did it before Sergio Benito. And again Adam, with his chest, as he could, that Cultural did not leave his area. The extension came after Cultural substitute goalkeeper Lucas took two other miracle hands from Oblak’s before Felipe and Lucas. Even the cencellada stopped falling in León. It warmed that scream. Cul-tu-ral, now very high.Lucas’s gloves followed holding the Cultu in the first part of the extension. And that Simeone added to Correa, Saponjic and João Félix to Riquelme and Camello. Before the second part arrived, several of Aira’s men were lying in the grass, the cramps, the legs weighed everything. Then that against the beginning of the second part of the extension. Dioni to Gudiño, Gudiño to Sergio Benito and Sergio Benito who beats Adam first. A goal that will remain forever in the history of Leon. The one of the night in which the Cultural one ate the Athletic one of the 515 million while in the background only that song sounded: “Yes it is possible”.center_img CardsAugusto Galvan (36 ‘, Yellow) Luque (39 ‘, Yellow) Marcos Llorente (42 ‘, Yellow) Saul (73 ‘, Yellow) Dionisio (73 ‘, Yellow) Antonio Martinez (80 ‘, Yellow) Sergio Marcos (116 ‘, Yellow Goals0-1, 61 ‘: belt, 1-1, 82 ‘: Julen Castañeda, 2-1, 107 ‘: Sergio Benitolast_img read more