Battlefield 3 rooftop sniper trailer breaks cover

first_imgEA and Digital Illusions have already treated us to two minutes of stunning Battlefield 3 gameplay at the start of this month, but today the second trailer in a series got released to help build anticipation for the game. It’s called Fault Line: Episode 2 Good Effect on Target, and this time it’s a little more focused.The scene for the gameplay is a rooftop with a sniper ready to take out anyone who happens to pop their head out from cover long enough, including your character. The gameplay shows your team spot the sniper and leaves it up to you to disable him using that very subtle weapon called a rocket launcher.As with the other videos we have seen, graphics-wise this game looks great and it will certainly benefit from running on a PC with up-to-date hardware.The physics destruction when the rocket hits the building is also impressive, and we hope there’s a lot more of that going on in the final game.In terms of gameplay, this looks a little too scripted for me. The whole scene is you just moving when told to before standing up and pressing fire. It’s only a small section of the game, but I’m hopeful there’s tons of open shooter gameplay as well as these little asides that help move things along.For those wanting more footage, you won’t have to wait long. Part 3 of this video series is out on March 30, and I’m hoping for an examples of free-form play and mechanics. As for when the game is out, it still carries a release window of Fall 2011 so there’s still a number of months for EA to tease us with more details.via CVGlast_img read more