Ravi warns companies not paying bonuses

“We call upon them to ensure if they had a wrong interpretation, correct it now.” he insisted.The government is to collect between 65 to 70 billion rupees from the Super Gains Tax imposed through 35 big cooperates in Sri Lanka. (Courtesy LBO) Karunanayake revealed there are 2 or 3 corporate companies that have already mentioned they are not going to pay bonus payments this year due to the tax. Finance Minister Ravi Karunanayake told Parliament that the government is in search for big companies that are not paying bonus payments to employees.“I was disappointed with some of the companies that pretended to be paying Super Gains Tax and stop certain payments,” “We’ll look to those companies and see how decent those companies,”“If they pay for themselves bonuses and deprived the people who are working under them by saying it is a government imposition; I think that is very unfair,” “There is no right to any of them to deprive any money going out to the hard working employees of their company.” read more