Detainees protest at Campsfield House

first_imgAnother detainee related, “The officer pushed him, and then he pushed him back as well, and the manager said to four other officers here, to beat him up. Five other detainees saw it. They put him down on the floor and they beat him up really badly.”One testimony stated that the inmate who had been beaten up was “mentally disturbed”, and that he had been beaten by guards on an earlier occasion. They said, “This is the second time our guy has been beaten up. The first time he was beaten up, he had mental issues. He got mentally disturbed. But this is the second time they have beaten the same guy up. He’s already mentally disturbed.” Detainees report that they are not being allowed to see the injured man.29 November 2014: Detainees Protest at Campsfield House IRC from Standoff Films on Vimeo.The protesters’ demands include: permission to see their friend in order to see what happened to him; the release of the (at least three or four) people forced into solitary confinement; the punishment of the guards who allegedly mistreated the detainee; an end to inhuman treatment, deprivation of freedom, and separation from families.Joanna Hynes, head of Oxford University’s Amnesty International group, said that the event on Saturday was not unusual. She spoke of the problems associated with Campsfield security being run by private firm Mitie, explaining, “This incident is unfortunately not abnormal in a place like Campsfield where basic rights are systematically denied to detainees. Harassment and violence on the part of Mitie staff is part of the everyday lives of these detainees, and with (according to the IMB’s most recent annual report) the vast majority of complaints made by detainees being referred back to the centre to be dealt with internally, there is little hope of holding Mitie staff accountable.“The detainees who occupied the courtyard on Saturday could be heard chanting, ‘England! Hear our voices!’ — it is about time we listened to their pleas, and stopped shutting away  such abhorrent practices in industrial estates all over Britain to be run by unaccountable private security firms like Mitie.”Vera Wriedt, a member of Oxford Migrant solidarity, described the difficulty she experienced trying to contact the protesters. She explained, “When trying to visit one of the people involved in the protest, I was threatened with arrest by the police. A few hours after the protest it was already impossible to get in touch with some of those who spoke out on Saturday, which probably means that their phones were confiscated and that they have been moved to solitary confinement or different detention centres.“Immigration detention is indefinite and without trial. Article 31 of the Geneva Convention and Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees stipulates that ‘states shall not impose penalties … on refugees who … enter or are present in their territory without authorisation’. Nevertheless, detainees are imprisoned in Campsfield House for administrative convenience.”Cherwell has contacted Mitie for comment. Detainees at Campsfield House, along with a number of people from outside the centre, have protested the recent alleged assault of a man at the site.The Campaign to Close Campsfield has come out in support of the protest, while the director of Asylum Welcome, Kate Smart, commented, “A detainee who suffers from severe epilepsy had an epileptic fit close to the shop within Campsfield. Several detainees witnessed this and were concerned.”However, she also admitted, “I must stress that I cannot claim this is an accurate account — it is our best guess based on what we can piece together.”Campsfield House is an Immigration Removal Centre in Kidlington. Last week, a large group of Oxford academics signed an open letter pressuring the PM to close Campsfield, while Cherwell reported from a protest at the controversial centre in October.The Campaign to Close Campsfield stated that as of Sunday 30th December, 60-100 inmates had occupied the centre’s courtyard to protests against the conditions of their detention. In video footage recorded outside of the centre, protesters can be heard chanting, “England! Hear our voice!”When asked for comment, the Home Office issued the statement, “We are aware of an incident at Campsfield Immigration Removal Centre on Saturday [November 29th] which resulted in an officer sustaining minor injuries.“No detainees were injured and nobody required hospital treatment.”In a video, circulated by Asylum Welcome, featuring several anonymous detainees’ testimonies of the incident, recorded via phone calls.One detainee can be heard stating, “The Campsfield staff have beaten my friend very badly. And they’ve beaten up two or three guys more… My friend is in critical condition at the moment, we’ve called the police up… but they didn’t let the police come inside Campsfield.” last_img read more

Small is beautiful

first_imgAn increasing number of companies are focusing more and more on making and supplying products for the food-to-go and coffee shop markets.Bells of Lazonby’s new brand ’We Love Cake’, launched this summer, has been developed to supply the wholesale and coffee shop sector. It features a range of traybakes that can be eaten on the go. Meanwhile, Delice de France has just launched its ’Café Delice’ concept, designed to house all products suitable for bakery foodservice operations under one roof. Launched in response to the growing café culture in the UK, the new portfolio contains 200 products, deemed most suitable to match the café culture trend, and includes a new ’Wrapped-to-go’ concept. This range features 15 ’on-the-go’ favourites, including a chocolate chip cookie, chocolate brownie, granola bar, pain au chocolat, flapjack bites, blueberry muffin, and Bakewell cake bar. The individually wrapped products have been designed to offer consumers some of their favourite snacks while giving foodservice outlets a convenient ’thaw and sell’ range that will help to drive impulse purchases from the 58% of people in the UK who eat cake or cake bars as a snack, says the firm.Research from Mintel on the cakes and cake bars market, published earlier this year, revealed that unwrapped and fresh cakes were experiencing the highest market penetration. However, wrapped cakes were not far behind, said Mintel, reflecting the rising popularity of convenience formats.The data showed these products were generally eaten on an infrequent basis once a week or less and that children were a key driver of impulse purchases. However, Mintel added that the growing prominence of wrapped cakes and cake bars in the snacking market had given them a slightly stronger base of more frequent users.Berkshire-based The Handmade Cake Company has had a separate cakes-to-go range of products since 2008. It features seven lines, including caramel shortcake, raspberry and coconut slice, and cranberry and sultana flapjack, made to the same recipes as its popular traybakes range. Simon Law, sales director at the firm, says that, until now, the range has been available in an 80-85g size. “We will be relaunching that range in 2012, in a smaller 65-70g format,” says Law.”We’ve seen a lot of interest from both operators and consumers, who appreciate being able to buy a premium product that is wrapped. The other equally important trend is that portion sizes are getting smaller. It’s not only about price, which has a part to play, but it is more about calories and not wanting to feel too guilty about your purchase.”He says women, especially, are more likely to buy something packaged in a smaller format. The new range will be more elegant in shape, explains Law, with a longer, more slender design. It will feature two new flavours a granola bar, as “we think morning snacking is an important part of the food-to-go opportunity”, and Caramel Heaven a flapjack base topped with golden caramel and finished with cranberries, dark chocolate chunks, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. The Maple and Pecan Slice will be dropped, making the relaunched range eight-strong.Other smaller-format cake options that have recently hitthe market are B-tempted’s gluten-free range of mini food-to-go cakes, which will be available in Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Whole Foods Market. Meanwhile, Swizzels Matlow, manufacturer of the iconic Love Hearts sweets, recently teamed up with a Manchester-based cupcake firm to launch a line of cupcakes decorated with new Mini Love Hearts. The cupcakes are available in Hey Little Cupcake! in Spinningfields in Manchester city centre or online.Gemma Hopcroft, sales and marketing executive from gingerbread manufacturer Image on Food, says food-to-go has been one the main growth areas of its business. “Whereas, traditionally, our products were seen more as a ’gift’ product with a decorative ribbon finish, we realised that our best sales were coming from companies that provided a food-to-go service,” explains Hopcroft. “Now, our business is split equally in terms of producing a gift product and a convenience/food-to-go product and we offer a range that has been designed for that ’quick’ pick-up line that represents value for money, but still has a point of difference.”Hopcroft says customers are demanding a higher-quality product for their food-to-go needs. Just because the product is quick and easy to pick up, it doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice anything in terms of taste, appearance and presentation. She says Image on Food will be introducing a new range that has been designed under its brand name The Gingerbread Gang. It will feature eight new designs, some which would work all year round and others that take advantage of the seasons or calendar events, such as the Queen’s Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics, she explains.Catch your customer’s eyen Size matters and, in this case, small is beautiful. Single-portion cakes sales are on the up, as firstly customers are trying to reduce the wastage that comes with bigger portions, but also because individually packed cakes and biscuits provide the convenience and are a great addition to a packed lunch. The economic climate has had little impact on the spend and love of cakes and biscuits. Place your most popular sweet products next to other categories, such as hot beverages and sandwiches. ’Feed me now’ offers can improve your sales of both products, as research shows that more than half of consumers regularly enjoy meal combinations.Customers are always willing to try new cakes and biscuits especially ones that offer a health benefit. Consider reviewing your offer to include lower- or reduced-fat biscuits. By introducing healthy eating ranges and incorporating messages such as low-calories or high-fibre, your business can reach 37% of consumers who are cutting down on the amount of biscuits and cakes they eat by replacing them with healthier alternatives.Regarding flavours, Mintel reports that customers in particular women are more likely to try new biscuits and cakes. Classics such as red velvet, chocolate and cheesecake will always be in demand. However, flavours such as white chocolate champagne cake, whole nuts and fruit loaves, carrot cake muffins are attractive alternatives (Mintel, June 2011).Things to consider with your food-to-go cakes and biscuitsn Shelf-life: don’t have wastage from out-of-date stock. Unless you’re certain a product will sell in the time, always stick to the safe optionn Visual attractiveness: a customer will always buy with their eyes first, especially if they are in a rushn Variety: it is the spice of life. If you have regular customers then make sure your range doesn’t get too stale for them; seasonal changes are great way to do this.Source: Image on Foodlast_img read more

News story: Home Secretary apologises to members of Windrush generation

first_imgThe historical review identified a further 9 people who were sanctioned under compliant environment policies because they had lost their entitlement to indefinite leave to remain after leaving the UK for more than 2 years, and 3 individuals with criminality who were detained temporarily at port but allowed to enter. All people identified by the review will be contacted by the Commonwealth Citizens Taskforce, if they are not already in touch.These apology letters are in addition to the 18 announced in August last year following the provisional results of the historical review of 11,800 Caribbean Commonwealth nationals who had been removed or detained since 2002. Four from this group will receive a second apology from the Home Secretary for being sanctioned. This means that the Home Secretary will apologise to 67 people in total.A more detailed breakdown of the work of the historical review can be found in the letter to the HASC.To right the wrongs experienced by the Windrush generation, the Home Office established the Commonwealth Citizen Taskforce which is open to all nationalities, as is the compensation scheme which opened in April 2019.An independent lessons learned review, led by Wendy Williams, has also been set up to establish what went wrong and how to prevent it happening again. The Home Secretary has written 46 letters to people who were sanctioned under compliant environment policies and 7 to people with criminal convictions who were held under immigration detention powers at the end of their prison sentence.These people were identified during the historical review of removals, detentions and proactive compliant environment measures affecting Caribbean Commonwealth nationals. Evidence suggests they came to the UK from the Caribbean before 1973 and stayed here permanently but were unable to demonstrate their continuous residence here which led to action being taken against them.The Commonwealth Citizens Taskforce will be reaching out to those individuals who are not already in touch, to provide any assistance they require to document their status, and to explain the compensation scheme.To date over 6,400 individuals have been given documentation confirming their status, including over 4,200 individuals who have successfully applied to become British nationals.Home Secretary, Sajid Javid said: I have been very clear that the experiences of some members of the Windrush generation has been completely unacceptable, which is why I am committed to right the wrongs of successive governments. I have personally apologised to those identified through this review and I will make sure they receive support and access to the compensation scheme. Since we launched the Commonwealth Citizens’ Taskforce, over 6,400 individuals have been given documents to confirm their status so that they can get on with their lives in the UK.last_img read more

Watch The Full Video Of Bluegrass Underground’s ‘Best Of’ Special

first_imgBluegrass Underground. The name says it all. Over the years, the storied venue situated 333 ft. under the ground in McMinnville, TN has played host to some incredible performances, captured on the long-running PBS series Bluegrass Underground.Last weekend, PBS aired a “Best Of Bluegrass Underground” special, including performances from Old Crow Medicine Show, Widespread Panic, Jason Isbell and so many more. Thanks to PBS, the full special can be viewed from your computer screen! Public television is cool like that.Watch the full Bluegrass Underground special below:Yeah, that’s definitely a bucket list venue. Here’s a track listing for the special:The Best Of Bluegrass Underground– Old Crow Medicine Show:  “Carry Me Back To Virginia”– Lucinda Williams: “Something Wicked this Way Comes”– Vince Gill: “One More Last Chance”– Jason Isbell:  “Live Oak”– Sarah Jarosz: “Book Of Right On”– Andrew Bird: “Danse Caribe”– LeeAnn Womack: “The Way I’m Living”– Widespread Panic:  “Pilgrims”– Davina and The Vagabonds:  “I’d Rather Go Blind”– Johnnyswim: “Hallelujah”– Doyle Lawson: “Blue Train”last_img read more

Exposure to PCBs, dioxin appears to stunt growth in Russian boys

first_imgRussian boys exposed to unusually high levels of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are smaller than their peers, according to a new study from Harvard School of Public Health researchers published in the January 2011 issue of Pediatrics. Boys with the highest levels of PCBs in their blood were more than an inch shorter, and averaged two points lower in body mass index (BMI), than boys from the same region with the lowest exposure levels, according to coverage in Reuters Health.The study, which looked at almost 500 boys over three years, identified a similar association in boys with the highest exposure to dioxin, another environmental pollutant. “You’re always a little surprised to see such a dramatic effect,” lead author Jane Burns told Reuters, but added that these results are consistent with other research.Although manufacture of PCBs was banned in 1979, they remain a public health concern because they are still present in materials produced before the ban and persist in the environment long after their release. PCBs have been linked to increased risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases.last_img read more

UN film and game for teens focuses on protecting ozone layer

first_imgUNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations is launching an animated film and game aimed at engaging Gen Z teenagers on the importance of protecting the ozone layer. The project, called “Reset Earth,” was produced by the U.N. Environment Program’s Ozone Secretariat. The ozone layer is a thin part of the atmosphere which protects the Earth from harmful levels of ultraviolet radiation. The secretariat said the film and game, launched Sunday, explore the story of efforts starting in the 1980s to reverse damage to the ozone layer and restrict or ban use of ozone-depleting substances used for refrigeration, in air conditioners and aerosol sprays.last_img

Import Safety

first_imgNearly 15 percent of the food Americans eat is imported from other countries, mostly from Canada, Mexico and China. This may sound like a small percentage, but it represents 80 percent of seafood and 45 percent of fresh fruit consumed in the U.S. A University of Georgia expert says increased food imports bring new challenges to ensuring a safe U.S. food supply. “These global changes in food exportation necessitate implementing effective, internationally accepted food safety management systems,” said Michael Doyle, director of the UGA Center for Food Safety in Griffin, Ga. Doyle spoke to a group of Chinese food safety specialists at a meeting in Athens, Ga., Nov. 23. “We in the food safety community, no matter in what country we reside, are facing greater challenges than ever before in ensuring a safe and wholesome global food supply. We need to work together to address this challenge and help bring about the changes we need to make the world’s food supply safer for all,” he told the group. Fruit and FishHundreds of illnesses from contaminated spinach, lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and even peanut butter have made recent U.S. headlines. Other reports tell of tainted shellfish, pet food and a variety of foods and food ingredients imported from countries such as China. The problem isn’t where the food comes from, Doyle said, but how it’s grown or processed before it reaches American soil. “The centuries-old tradition of using human excreta on farmland is widespread in East Asia, especially in China and Vietnam,” Doyle said. “In some areas of Mexico, farmland irrigation water comes from the untreated sewage from large cities. The result of these practices is contamination by harmful microbes such as salmonella.” Imported produce carries greater risk of Hepatitis A virus or norovirus contamination due to insanitary harvesting practices, he said. Farm-raised shrimp and tilapia are commonly grown in ponds fertilized with raw sewage or livestock manure. It is estimated that two-thirds of the world’s farmed fish is grown using animal manure or human sewage, Doyle said.Organic food processors import food sources from Africa and Latin America. “This includes countries in which food is produced under insanitary conditions,” he said. “There is no assurance that organic foods are safer than others.” SolutionsThe solution to the problem, Doyle said, lies in the hands of food producers, processors and regulatory agencies like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. “Solutions to today’s food safety issues will not come easy,” he said. “The food industry, whether it be growers, manufacturers or distributors, is responsible for providing safe foods. And regulatory agencies need more rapid and robust sampling and detection methods to verify that foods, especially those that are imported, are safe from harmful microbes and chemicals.” Doyle anticipates the number and frequency of foodborne illnesses to increase in the U.S. as the percentage of imported foods increases. “Considering the dramatic changes occurring in our sources of food and the weaknesses present in our current food safety system, Congress needs to step up its funding of research to ensure the safety of the U.S. food supply,” he said. “The longer we must wait for solutions the more challenging it will be to make effective corrective actions.”last_img read more

What’s in a name: Success Navigator

first_img continue reading » American 1 Credit Union($390.4M, Jackson, MI) faces the same issues as any other credit union when it comes to hiring and retaining good employees, but one of its solutions sticks out as particularly innovative.The mid-Michigan credit union recently created the role of success navigator, someone who helps staff deal with personal issues outside the scope of traditional HR concerns, but very real to someone dealing with family care, transportation, and other distractions to focusing on the job to be done at work.Myeshia Jones is American 1’s first success navigator. Here she explains what it’s all about. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

Long Island Snow Storm May Snarl Tuesday Commute

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York A fast-moving winter storm that is forecast to bring up to three inches of snow, high winds and frigid temperatures to Long Island may snarl the Tuesday evening rush hour commute.Snowfall is predicted for Nassau and Suffolk counties from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday, with accumulations of as little as an inch possible, according to the National Weather Service. Wind chills will make temperatures in the 40s on Monday will feel like the 20s—with wind chills likely to be in the single digits after nightfall.“Light snow will…overspread the area on Tuesday as a weak low tracks south of Long Island,” the agency’s Upton-based meteorologists said in a statement. “Some minor accumulations can be expected. It will be a cold day with highs in the teens and 20s.”The storm is also expected to dump up to a half a foot of snow on parts of the Midwest before passing over the tri-state area and heading out to sea, leaving bitterly cold temps in its wake.A slight chance of snow showers is expected to linger into Wednesday, when gusts may reach nearly 40 mph and temps are likely to remain in the 20s. Another slight chance of snow showers are expected Thursday as temps continue dropping into the teens overnight.Sunny skies are on tap for next weekend as temps warm up slightly into the low 30s.last_img read more

Avian flu outbreaks increasing in Vietnam

first_imgJan 12, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – The number of avian influenza outbreaks among poultry in Vietnam has been growing quickly, according to reports from the region.The Vietnam Veterinary Department said outbreaks had been reported in 20 communes and 15 districts of seven cities and provinces, primarily in southern Vietnam, by Jan 9, according to a Voice of Vietnam news story posted online on that date.By yesterday, the same veterinary agency reported 54 outbreaks among poultry in 51 communes from 29 districts and 9 provinces between Jan 1 and 10, according to a story by the Vietnam News Agency (VNA). The provinces involved remain predominantly southern, mostly in the Mekong Delta.In addition, the number of culled poultry continues to climb. More than 103,000 infected poultry had been culled in the recent outbreaks, said a VNA report yesterday. Today the Bloomberg news service quoted authorities as saying that more than 114,000 birds had died or been culled since early December. More than 1,900 chickens and 1,500 ducks were culled yesterday alone in three Mekong Delta provinces, according to a Saigon Times Daily report cited by Bloomberg.The reports of spreading poultry outbreaks follow three human deaths attributed to H5N1 avian flu in the past 2 weeks and come amid reports of more suspected human cases. An 18-year-old woman from the southern province of Hau Giang who died Jan 10 is thought to be a victim of avian flu, according to reports yesterday from Agence France-Presse and other media outlets. Confirmatory tests are pending.A hospital director in Can Tho city said the 18-year-old had killed an infected chicken but did not eat it.In addition, the Chinese news agency Xinhua reported today that about 15 Vietnamese have been hospitalized with suspected cases of avian flu in recent weeks. The report included the four recent deaths in that total. The story said the newest suspected case is in a 35-year-old woman from the southern province of Tra Vinh who was hospitalized yesterday, 2 weeks after she killed and ate a sick chicken.last_img read more